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January 27, 2014, 2:13 pm
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January 27, 2014, 2:12 pm
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My Plans for 2013
January 3, 2013, 2:21 pm
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My plans for 2013

Another year has past.  I did not have the energy to work on my blog last year.  I dealt with several health issues, they took a lot out of me.  It was also a year, I had to depend on others a great deal, for a person who has always been independent, this was hard.  But was very grateful for those who were willing to help me.

A rainbow is like a friend, always there after the storm.

Amish Proverb

This year I want to blog about the 50 states – telling what I have seen if I have been there, or reasons why I would like to visit the state.  Currently, I have touched all of the western states, with California, the state I have only driven through Needles, and back out, with plans to cruise to Hawaii in 2014.  The Dakotas, the southern states, the very northeastern states, and the Carolinas are the states I have not had the opportunity to visit.

So over the next year, I plan on working through state by state, starting with Kansas, as it is my home state.

I plan to continue working on the Langston family, as my cousin and I are the current editors of “The Langston Family and Kinsmen Newsletter”.  We will be publishing the first issue for year 36.  A great deal of information has been included in this newsletter over the years.

I also would like to get back to work on the Weisleder family, as well as the Grossman and Voss families.

Also during this year I will be working on a history for the United Methodist Church of Larned, which will celebrate 140 years in September 2013.  Thankful the first 125 years have been well documented, so I will need to concentrate on the last 15 years. I will also try to get many of the photographs organized.

Hoping to travel to the Family History Library in Salt Lake this spring, and attend a couple of family reunions. I also plan on continuing my volunteer work at the Santa Fe Trail Center, here in Larned.

I hope to have some thing in place that will show my accomplished for the year 2013.

Looking forward to being healthier this year.  At least here at the beginning it is better.

Blessing for a wonderful New Year, with whatever you hope to accomplish.

1940 Census – day 4-5
April 6, 2012, 9:15 pm
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The past two days have been very busy, as other activities made it difficult for me to work on the Census.  But I will keep plugging away.  I have done another 500 the past couple of days.  I was able to find my great grandmother Sophronia Sanders living with her son Loranzia Sanders and his wife Bertie.  His sister Ellen Pruitt was also living with them. They were in Izard, Union County the surrounding area.

Another couple day will be busy as I will attend the celebration of my sister’s 75th birthday, with her family.  And as celebrating another Easter.

I will see how much I can get indexed this next week.




Advent Calendar: Dec. 2 Holiday Foods
December 20, 2011, 2:47 pm
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At Thanksgiving my son asked  if I had any of Grandma’s Christmas Cookies Recipes.

Going through my recipe box I did find one written in her handwriting.

Graces Sugar Cookies

Her sugar cookies

I have transcribed this

Graces Sugar Cookies

1 egg                                    1 cup butter

1 c sugar                          Flavoring (I think)

½ tsp soda

Disolve soda in 3 or 4 table spoons hot water.  Mix flour to correct stiffness  Bake in hot oven

As you can see the directions are very sparse.  I have looked for a similar recipe to help with the cooking directions.

Aunt Linda had the next two recipes:

Pineapple Cookies

Pineapple cookies



Buttermilk Cookies

Buttermilk cookies

Maggie (Rice) Grossman made these cookies over the years.  The boys, her sons and grandsons and granddaughter enjoyed them over the years.

3 Questions from Tpstry
February 15, 2011, 1:00 am
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After reading Genea-Musings Blog for Saturday Night Genealogy Blog, I watched the video clips from on their 3 questions they asked of some participants of RootsTech.  These 3 questions brought up many more questions. Randy Seaver suggested using them for Saturday Night Genealogy Fun.  I have taken the 3 questions an answered them to the best of my memory, but by asking others the questions, it brought up other questions and memories.

*  Has you grandmother ever ridden a roller-coaster?

I can not imagine either of my grandmothers riding a roller-coaster even if they were available.  My father’s mother raised her family in Montana in the 1900’s. They lived in the country and unless there was a traveling carnival or circus that came through, there was no opportunities for this.

My mother’s mother was born and raised in Arkansas, also during the early part of the 1900’s.  I just can not imagine my grandmother riding on any kind of ride.  But I did have my cousin ask her mother (she’s 88)  if there were carnivals or circuses that came through a she said no.  The groups that came through we revivals.  She told of one that nearly closed one of the local churches.

*  What is your grandfather’s “dream car?” My father’s father died in 1938 in Montana, so I don’t know if he had a vehicle of any kind at that time.

My mother’s father never owned a car.  Again my Aunt told that if they needed a ride, they would ride to town with the mail man.  He died in 1961.
*  Who was your mother’s prom date? My mother only attended school through the 4th grade.  There was no prom for her.

These questions brought up more questions.  My sister and I had a chat about these questions.  I asked her if our mother ever rode a roller coaster. Our parents lived in Kansas all of their married life.  She remembers traveling carnivals coming through, but the adults didn’t ride on the rides.  We also wondered did our father have a vehicle to drive to from Kansas to Oklahoma to get our mother.  He was working in Kansas in 1936, and meet our mother in Oklahoma, where they were married.  It is possible that after the wedding they went to Arkansas, where her parents lived, then returned to Kansas.  Again we took this question to our Aunt.  She thought that he did have a car, for the trip.  Otherwise they would have been traveling by train.

This Aunt was brought to Kansas to help when my sister was born in 1937.  I have the receipt that my father received a driver’s license in 1937, he was living in Pawnee Rock, Ks.  Did the state of Kansas start requiring a driver’s license in 1937?  My aunt also said he taught her to drive, she remembers it being on the muddiest roads he could find. From the website only 39 states required an operator’s license.  So Kansas could have started requiring them in 1937, I am still looking for that answer.

These questions started up some memory juices.  I enjoyed this walk down memory land, and it was shared with at least 3 others.

January 30, 2011, 12:42 am
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I have changed my theme because the previous one did not allow me to have the tabs at the top.  I am still experimenting to hopefully get this to work the way I want.  Learning new technology, is not always as easy as it looks, although once you get it down, you wonder what was hard about that.  This blogging has been a challenge for me.  I hope I don’t confuse too many people out there.

Shopping Saturday
January 15, 2011, 8:02 pm
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Saturday was our Shopping day.

When I was 8 years old we moved to the country outside a small town in Northern Kansas. Up until this time we were about ½ mile from town, so shopping would happen as needed.  But with this move we were 20 miles for a “big” town. They had the Hatchery where we sold our eggs.

Every Saturday we would make a 20 mile trip to Mankato to do our weekly shopping.  So on Saturday morning we would load up the eggs that had been gathered and cleaned that week. We usually had about 30 dozen eggs to take to the Hatchery to sell.

One of the things I remember is there were times when they gave away premiums.  We consider them trinkets today, but they were very special.  Each week we collected a different knick knacks.  I still have 3 setting on shelves by my kitchen sink, I quite often think of how I got them. After selling the eggs we would do the other shopping

We almost always stopped at the Variety store; we called it the Five and Dime. A stop at the Drug Store, gave me a chance to look over the new comics that had come in. My favorites were “Archie”, “Donald Duck” with Uncle Scrooge, “Superman”, “Casper”, “Illustrated Classics” (the Fairy Tales), just to name a few. I could look at them while my parents were doing their shopping.

When I was young we would visit the jewelry store, and the owner would always had a treat for me. He would lift the ledge and let me go behind the counter to get my treat; my mother was usually with me.  This was in the days when watches and clocks were repaired.   If we need something to fix things or new cookware, we would visit the Hardware store.  If we need fabric or clothing we would go to the “Monkey “Ward Store.

I can still visualize many of these stores.

But for me the most exciting part of shopping Saturday was 1:00pm.  The library opened. We would go to the large sandstone building, and I would climb the stairs to return the 3 books I had checked out the week before and then go looking for my next treasures.  They only allowed you to check out 3 books at time, so my choices had to last me for a whole week.  The only time we could have more than 3 was in the summer, the library closed, so the Saturday before they closed, I could get as many books as I wanted, to read for the next 3 months. I spent a great deal of time, when possible reading.

But we always finished our shopping day with a trip to the Grocery store.  If we got Ice cream or frozen food we had to have it double bagged, because we had 20 miles back home. It was the days of Green Stamps, so after choosing the groceries, and paying the bill, we got to see how many Green Stamps we got to add to our collection.  When we had enough to redeem for the item we wanted we would send away for it or go to Hastings to the Redemption store.

Those weren’t the days of run to town and run back, you went and took care of as many things as you possibly could on that day. It was a shopping trip that took all day. When we got home it was time to put everything away, and do the evening chores. We continued having a Saturday Shopping day until we moved to the “big city” of Manhattan, Ks not NY.   We no longer sold eggs, and I was in high school, ready for college, so our regular Saturday shopping days came to an end.

In those days you always knew what day of the week it was because a certain activity happened on that day.

My “Cat” Quilt
January 10, 2011, 10:03 pm
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This is a special treasure because it was made by my Grandma Sanders. Not only did she cut and embroider the cats, put the quilt top together, but also quilted it. I have some very special memories of this quilt. Grandma had made a “Cat Quilt” for my brother and sister, and myself. She used other quilt tops for her other grandchildren.

When I was about 10 or 11 years old Grandpa Sanders fell and broke his hip. He and Grandma came to Kansas to spend time with each of their daughters to help him recover. It was during this recovery period, they came up from Arkansas to Kansas to stay with us. We were living outside Burr Oak, Kansas at the time.

Christmas with Grandma and Grandpa Sanders

Grandma brought the almost completed top with her to finish. This quilt top was an appliquéd quilt. She cut cat silhouettes out of scraps of fabric, and old clothing. These were put on a quilt block, trimmed with bias tape for a collar and then the face of the cat was embroidered, and then appliquéd on to the quilt block. To finish the quilt I got to choose the color for the edging. Since my favorite color was blue, that was my choice. When the edging had been added it was ready to be quilted.

Her quilt frame was put up in our living room, not much extra space, and the quilting began. Grandma even showed me how to make the quilt stitches, so this quilt also has some of my unsteady stitches as well as Grandma’s confidant ones.

I treasure this quilt because my Grandmother made it for me. But as I look at the various cats, I recognize the fabric, and remember what was made from that fabric. There are pieces of fabric from pajamas, dress, skirts and blouses that were made and worn by my mother, sister and my sister.

A yellow and blue plisse crepe,
a pair of child’s pajamas. They were mine.
A grey with squiggles was a dress of my mothers.

I do use this quilt to cover a spare bed. But this is a very special treasure of mine. It will always bring back many memories.

Karen (Voss) Grossman

Hello world!
December 27, 2010, 7:25 pm
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Welcome to Liblady’s Geneaglogy Blog.

It is time to jump in and get started.  Over the past couple of years I have been working on my family genealogy.  The families I am working on is Grossman and Rice, Voss and Sanders.  A couple of the families, people have been working on over the years and have lead me back 14 or 15 generations.  A couple of the families don’t go back very far and I will continue to work on them.

I have put together books of photos family by family, and then find some more pictures that need to be added.

This last summer, my cousin and I went to Arkansas, and visited cemeteries and other locations of our Sanders and Langston ancestors.  This December I had a chance to sit down with a cousin and he helped to fill in some gaps for the Voss family.  Through the use of, Footnote and Family Search, I have found records for a number of family members.  I am currently working on compiling and analyzing information I have of the Weisleder family from Buffalo, NY.  My grandmother Christiana was their daughter.

During the year of 2011 I would like to blog

about different members of the family

successes and brickwalls

add photos I take or locate about the family

I have volunteered to visit cemeteries for Find a Grave and photograph head stones for people who don’t live near.

This definitely be a challenge for me.

I hope family members will help me as I continue to pursue the search for my family’s roots.


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