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DNA – update
July 13, 2014, 2:36 pm
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I have been able to get a new kit for my sister and have it sent in. It has arrived so am now waiting for the results. I have completed the July Newsletter for the Langston Family. Trying to decide on which project should have the highest priority.
1. Scanning family pictures (sorting right now)
2. Updating the Grossman Family on in Family Tree Maker
3. Working on DNA matches.

Planning a trip to see my son, need to decide what to take with me as far as pictures and genealogy.

My friend called and told me I have created a monster. Her husband has been spending his time in search of his family, then they talked to another friend and have gotten him excited about searching for his family. She wasn’t sure they could get them off the computer to celebrate the 4th of July. Several questions have come my way, and I am hoping in a couple of weeks to spend a few days with them to answer questions.

My journey continues.

DNA continued
June 30, 2014, 10:28 am
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The past few weeks have been quite busy.  Traveled with my brother, his wife, and my sister to Arkansas, to two family reunions.  Reunions are always interesting.

Always enjoy staying with our cousin in the area.  She has just recently retired, so had some free time to spend with us.

Traveled around Izard and neighboring counties, to see family and talk to friends.  Cousins drove us around to see different locations that my grandparents lived during their lifetime.  Visited with Aunt Della.  Also had supper with the children of a cousin.  Except for the fact that a “country mile” has to be at least 3 miles, we finally arrived and enjoyed a visit with them.  Three of them were neighbors, with their mother.  The fourth was visiting from Portland, Ore.

After arriving home I received the  results of my brother’s DNA.  We shared localities but with very different percentages.  I am still trying to decided how to proceed with all of this information.  My sister’s DNA they were unable to process, so I am awaiting a new kit to try again.

Karen:  Great Britain 42%, Scandinavian 22%, Europe East 19%, Iberian Peninsula 13%.

Kenneth: Scandinavian 35%, Europe West 22%, Europe East 16%, Iberian Penisula 9%, Ireland 8%, Great Britain 7%

I called my friends about their DNA and they had missed the email, but I was able to get them started.

Not sure where this journey will take me.


DNA continued
May 29, 2014, 2:19 pm
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Since my last post, several things have happened with DNA and the results.  I am continuing to receive new matches, but right now due to family and travel plans, I can’t spend much time working with DNA.


One disappointment, there was not a DNA connection between the Voss family and Lynda.  As she has continued her research, she discovered her grandfather was not my uncle.  Even though we are not connected by blood, I will continue to consider her a part of the family.  Her grandmother was married to my Uncle Henry, and tragic events affected everyone’s life.

My mother’s only living sister has also taken the test, and we are a definite match.  No doubt about it.

Just activated the test for my brother and sister, so will be anxiously awaiting their results. Hoping there will some that will match all three to help narrow things down.

Helped some friends collect their specimen and activate their account. They are now waiting for results.

The next few weeks are going to be busy as we will be doing some traveling to a couple of family reunions.  Then it will be time to get the newest newsletter ready and in the mail.

So it looks like summer is going to busy.

DNA: A New Adventure
May 12, 2014, 4:47 pm
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The area of genealogy is never ending.  It can be very addictive.  I have so many projects I would like to do, but need to focus on a couple.

This January our visit with Uncle Henry’s granddaughter was quite an experience.  She has been working on genealogy using AncestryDNA.  After seeing how it works I decided to take the plunge.  This last week I received the results of my DNA test.  OH, my!!

First of all I am definitely European with Great Britain 42%, Scandinavian 22%, Europe East 19%, and Iberian Peninsula 13%, with 4% with trace matches.

So now my challenge is to check out the Matches (hints)  there are only 192 pages of hints with 50 per page.  That makes close to 10,000 matches.  This will not be completed any time soon, and as more people take the test, there will be more matches.

The first thing I did was watch 3 tutorials from Ancestry on YouTube about AncestryDNA.

You’ve received your DNA Results? Now What.

What to do with all those Matches.

Making the Cousin Connection.


Now it is time to work my way through all these names.  I will start out with those that have a shakey leaf.  That reduces the numbers a great deal.  There are 2 possible 3rd cousins, 2 possible 4th cousins, and 35  Distant cousins with shakey leaf matches. There will be plenty to do after I work my way through these names.

The 3rd video shows how Crista Cowen, goes through each name. Marking with a star to continue with, adding a note, about common ancestors and the match. Then about contacting the owner of tree for further information.  As well as other information about following the DNA;

I am writing this out because I have a couple of people that are also having DNA tested.  I am quite sure I will calls from them.

So as this summer progresses and Family Reunions are coming up, a wedding, and another cruise, I have another busy year ahead.  I just need to take time to update my progress, and try not to get distracted and off on a tangent as I look at all of this information. A couple of updates a month will be a goal I want to make for myself.


State vs Henry C Voss page 1
January 27, 2014, 2:13 pm
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Page 2

Court Decision page 2
January 27, 2014, 2:12 pm
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Uncle Henry
September 28, 2013, 9:57 am
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Henry Voss

Henry Voss


1900 – ????

One of the family stories was about my father’s brother Henry Voss.  Henry and Hilda Voss were born Jan 18, 1900, in French Town, Monroe, Michigan.   Hilda died a few weeks later, 3 Feb 1900, she is buried at Gethsemane Cemetery, Monroe, Michigan.  If there was a marker it is no longer there.

Some time after the birth of Henry, the family headed for Montana.  According to a story told by his oldest sister, Irene, they traveled to Montana by wagon train.

As a young man Henry married.   Following the marriage, there was a charivari.  A common activity of the time – to come to the home of the newlyweds. “A chavirari is folk custom in which the community gave a noisy, discordant mock serenade, by pounding on pots and pans, at the home of newlyweds.” Someone died at the chavirari, then Uncle Henry disappeared and nothing was known about what happened to him.  This is the story I heard as I was growing up.

When I began searching for records about Henry Voss, I discovered more information concerning the event that was behind the story, I had heard.  I found a marriage record for Henry Voss and Evelyn Kast. They married on April 4, 1900.  Then through newspaper articles I found out more about the events of the chavirari.  The chavirari for the Voss couple turned tragic when the group returned after being sent away. A young man was shot and died.  Henry was then tried and found guilty of involuntary man slaughter, and sentenced to one to ten years to the Idaho Penitentiary.  Later that year the Idaho Supreme Court granted a retrial.

I had not been able to find out any further information about Henry, Evelyn or the second trial.

The Rest of the story:This summer (2013)  my sister and I joined my brother’s family to celebrate the retirement of his son from the Navy.  We traveled to San Antonio, Tx for this celebration.  While there I did not have my computer, but through my email I received a notice from Ancestry, about some one interested in information concerning Henry Voss.  Of course my interest was peaked.  Upon my arrival home I made contact with the person making the request.

To my amazement I was being contacted by the granddaughter of Henry Voss,  Lynda.  We did not know that Henry had a daughter, it was only through my genealogy work I knew the name of his wife.  Lynda and I have since been exchanging information.  She was waiting to receive documentation about the disposition of the second trial.  She shared this information,  in 1921 Henry was granted a new trial, and the jury was in disagreement. It was then decided too much money had been spent already, therefore the case was dismissed.

Lynda was able to add information about Evelyn, Henry’s wife, and her mother, Helen.  Evelyn remarried, after divorcing Henry in 1927, he disappeared about 1922.  My question is,  did he know he was going to be a father before he disappeared?   It is not known if Helen is still living.  When Lynda was about two she was adopted by her grandmother, Evelyn.  Henry’s mother did know about the children, but never shared this with other members of the family.

After making contact with Lynda, I then shared this information with my brother and sister, and a cousin, Carl.   When I called Carl, he asked where is she living.  When I told him, he said “I am in Las Vegas right now.”  He called Lynda and they had an opportunity to visit that evening, getting to know each other, and share information.  Both have said it was an enjoyable time.

I am planning a trip in January and Las Vegas is on our list, with plans  to stop and visit with her.  Looking forward to seeing her in person.

You never know when or where you may find new information about your family.  Very glad to learn a little more about Henry and his family, and for the addition to my family.


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