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My “Cat” Quilt
January 10, 2011, 10:03 pm
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This is a special treasure because it was made by my Grandma Sanders. Not only did she cut and embroider the cats, put the quilt top together, but also quilted it. I have some very special memories of this quilt. Grandma had made a “Cat Quilt” for my brother and sister, and myself. She used other quilt tops for her other grandchildren.

When I was about 10 or 11 years old Grandpa Sanders fell and broke his hip. He and Grandma came to Kansas to spend time with each of their daughters to help him recover. It was during this recovery period, they came up from Arkansas to Kansas to stay with us. We were living outside Burr Oak, Kansas at the time.

Christmas with Grandma and Grandpa Sanders

Grandma brought the almost completed top with her to finish. This quilt top was an appliquéd quilt. She cut cat silhouettes out of scraps of fabric, and old clothing. These were put on a quilt block, trimmed with bias tape for a collar and then the face of the cat was embroidered, and then appliquéd on to the quilt block. To finish the quilt I got to choose the color for the edging. Since my favorite color was blue, that was my choice. When the edging had been added it was ready to be quilted.

Her quilt frame was put up in our living room, not much extra space, and the quilting began. Grandma even showed me how to make the quilt stitches, so this quilt also has some of my unsteady stitches as well as Grandma’s confidant ones.

I treasure this quilt because my Grandmother made it for me. But as I look at the various cats, I recognize the fabric, and remember what was made from that fabric. There are pieces of fabric from pajamas, dress, skirts and blouses that were made and worn by my mother, sister and my sister.

A yellow and blue plisse crepe,
a pair of child’s pajamas. They were mine.
A grey with squiggles was a dress of my mothers.

I do use this quilt to cover a spare bed. But this is a very special treasure of mine. It will always bring back many memories.

Karen (Voss) Grossman


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What a fabulous quilt.

Comment by Julie

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