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3 Questions from Tpstry
February 15, 2011, 1:00 am
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After reading Genea-Musings Blog for Saturday Night Genealogy Blog, I watched the video clips from on their 3 questions they asked of some participants of RootsTech.  These 3 questions brought up many more questions. Randy Seaver suggested using them for Saturday Night Genealogy Fun.  I have taken the 3 questions an answered them to the best of my memory, but by asking others the questions, it brought up other questions and memories.

*  Has you grandmother ever ridden a roller-coaster?

I can not imagine either of my grandmothers riding a roller-coaster even if they were available.  My father’s mother raised her family in Montana in the 1900’s. They lived in the country and unless there was a traveling carnival or circus that came through, there was no opportunities for this.

My mother’s mother was born and raised in Arkansas, also during the early part of the 1900’s.  I just can not imagine my grandmother riding on any kind of ride.  But I did have my cousin ask her mother (she’s 88)  if there were carnivals or circuses that came through a she said no.  The groups that came through we revivals.  She told of one that nearly closed one of the local churches.

*  What is your grandfather’s “dream car?” My father’s father died in 1938 in Montana, so I don’t know if he had a vehicle of any kind at that time.

My mother’s father never owned a car.  Again my Aunt told that if they needed a ride, they would ride to town with the mail man.  He died in 1961.
*  Who was your mother’s prom date? My mother only attended school through the 4th grade.  There was no prom for her.

These questions brought up more questions.  My sister and I had a chat about these questions.  I asked her if our mother ever rode a roller coaster. Our parents lived in Kansas all of their married life.  She remembers traveling carnivals coming through, but the adults didn’t ride on the rides.  We also wondered did our father have a vehicle to drive to from Kansas to Oklahoma to get our mother.  He was working in Kansas in 1936, and meet our mother in Oklahoma, where they were married.  It is possible that after the wedding they went to Arkansas, where her parents lived, then returned to Kansas.  Again we took this question to our Aunt.  She thought that he did have a car, for the trip.  Otherwise they would have been traveling by train.

This Aunt was brought to Kansas to help when my sister was born in 1937.  I have the receipt that my father received a driver’s license in 1937, he was living in Pawnee Rock, Ks.  Did the state of Kansas start requiring a driver’s license in 1937?  My aunt also said he taught her to drive, she remembers it being on the muddiest roads he could find. From the website only 39 states required an operator’s license.  So Kansas could have started requiring them in 1937, I am still looking for that answer.

These questions started up some memory juices.  I enjoyed this walk down memory land, and it was shared with at least 3 others.


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I enjoyed reading your response to 3 questions from It is fun to discover bits of informaiton about the lives our parents and grandparents. is a great source of these quesions. More importantly it provides a simple and easy way to discover, organize, and share family memories, images, and more. I encourage you to give it a try and if you like it, please pass it along to your followers.

Comment by Greg

Great answers Karen. Your dad probably chose the muddiest roads just to mess with his sister. I wonder if his plan ever backfired though and the car got stuck in the mud and he had to pull it out. That would be a story to hear.

Comment by Matt

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