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Week 11: Illness & Injury
March 12, 2011, 7:23 pm
Filed under: 52 Weeks of Personal Genealogy & History

Week 11: Illness and Injury. Describe your childhood illnesses or injuries. Who took care of you? Did you recuperate in your own bed, on the couch in front of the television, or somewhere else?

Week 11 is about illness and injury. I had the 3 major childhood illnesses during my childhood. I was in Kindergarten when I had a case of the chicken pox. Because I was to be kept in a dark area, during the day I got to stay in my parent’s room in their bed. Being about 5/6 I don’t remember to much more about this, except I was to stay a way from my father, as it wasn’t known if he had every had the chicken pox. (He must have had them at sometime because as an adult he had the shingles.)

I was in 3rd grade when I got the measles, not 3 day but the German ones. Because the class was putting on a play and I had the lead, I may have gone to school when I was contagious, but I wanted to do the play. But when the spots came out I missed the last week of school. I worried I might not be promoted because of this even though I had always had good grades. What a relief when I got my report card and I was officially in 4th grade. While I was sick I did stay on the couch, there was no TV, and I was limited on the amount of reading I could do.

One morning, when I got up for school and looked in the mirror, I had no neck. I had the mumps, both sides. So again I got to stay home a few days from 5th Grade to recover. During the day I got to stay on the couch and again, my reading was curtailed but I did survive.

I know that there are immunizations for all of these diseases today, and only a few children experience them, but sometimes we need to be slowed down, and have time to think.

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