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Citing and Analysing
March 26, 2011, 9:10 pm
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You sometimes wonder, “Why do I need to know, where did this comes from, I’ll remember where I found this, How does it help me.”

I am working on Lillian Hale, and her life. She married Anthony Kimling, and later a John VanGundy. I was looking for more information on John VanGundy, and found the Van Gundy Family Tree. They had a Lillian Hale, but were not sure how she fit into the family. I was able to email, and tell them what information I had, with documentation, and why I felt, my Lillian Hale was the second wife of John VanGundy. When they responded back with some questions, I was able to answer, again with documentation and analysis, of why I believed we were talking about the same person. The person came back that they agreed with my analysis, of the situation, and we both had many of the same questions about the family. The daughter Agnes Mary Kimling, is listed as 17 year old on the 1930 Census with her Mother Lilly Hale, and John VanGundy, she is also listed as living with her father in 1918, on his World War I Draft Card. No records have been found for her birth, She has not been located on the 1920 Census, although both of her parents have been located. Where was this little girl in 1920. I am hoping to get some more information when I receive a copy of an obituary for Lilly VanGundy, that I have ordered. I also need to explore how to get the divorce papers, which may also help with this mystery.

It was exciting, to be able to share my thoughts and ideas.I had everything in place, and I didn’t have to go search for information, I knew exactly where to find it. To me that is what genealogy is all about. I was also able to share tip for another name on her list, and this name is from my husband’s side of the family.

I was able to do this because I took the time to cite my sources, and be sure I knew where they were. Also reading everything on the document, helps to do the analysis. So I know it is important to know where I got it, read it carefully, think about what it tells, and you will be surprised, what you may find.


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