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It’s Raining, it’s pouring
May 4, 2011, 3:57 pm
Filed under: New thoughts

There are times when you feel like the brickwalls are just getting higher and higher and higher, and sometime it just pours down in information.

I am information on a number of families, Grossman, Langston, DeWitt, Weisleder

I have received information from a family member about Michael C. Grossman and his parents, trying to reconcile what she has with what I have.  Received my father’s SS application.  When I opened it, I was with a person who has lived in this community for many, many years.  When I told her my father was employed by Fred Doll Company, she told me that was the sale barn.  There is not a sale barn in the community today.  I would not have known what that was with out her telling me.  He got his SS# in 1944, 4 years before I was born.

As I am working I received my new Kindle, so I have another gadget to learn how to make it work.  Right now I have it charging so I can learn how to make it work.  I have also downloaded a couple of Dear Myrtle’s Webinar’s and am looking forward to watching them to add to my computer knowledge.  I want to say, the cost is very minimal.  My schedule is so uncertain, I can’t always depend on having the day open to watch it live.

My Granddaughter has answered her first question, and I have sent her another prompt.  Looking forward to seeing what she has.

On Facebook, a cousin has put some family pictures on the site, and we have been having discussions about them.  Checking on names, and places etc.

Another side has been contacted, and is to be sending me some family newsletters to be scanned.  When it is finished a CD or DVD will be created so that people can see all of the issues since 1978.

I also want to get back to the Weisleder family and continue working on those documents.

Maybe I better stop now and get busy on my work.


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