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Help with some German
May 8, 2011, 7:50 pm
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I have a Prayer book that belonged to my Great    Grandmother.  It has Marie Voss (and what I believe is = to nee) Flagel  and Grs Markham (Markow)?  The book was published in 1862.  I was just looking at her listing at Ancestry and a William and Mary Voss with sons Charles and Frederick on the Mecklenburg-Schwein Census for 1867.  It has them living at  Groß Markow, Ritteramt Neukalen, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Germany.

I have always thought this was Great Grandparents, on the 1867 Census but not 100 per cent sure.

I had thought the Grs Markman or Markow on the page was a person’s name.  Is it possible this is a location?  Here is a photo with the German writing.  If Grs Markman is a location, that brings an other  piece of the puzzle together for this family.  I have followed Marie across the ocean, and she remarried with 2 young sons.  One being my Grandfather.

If any one can help me with this puzzle I would appreicate the help.  I am still trying to find out what happened to William.  I believe he would have died between 1868 and 1869 in Germany.   As Marie and the boys immigrated in 1869.  I think with the new husband, but not sure if the marriage took place before or after they immigrated.


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I think its certainly quite possible its a location name and not a family name:

– There is a Groß Markow, check Google Maps for:
Groß-Markow, Lelkendorf, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Deutschland

– Gr. is a common German abbreviation for “Groß”:
See this German abbreviations search engine:

And I do read the the letters as “Markow”, see this fantasic primer on Gothic lettering from FamilySearch:

– Lastly, the inside page title reads “Mecklenburgisches Kirchen Gesangbuch”, which means “Mecklenburg church hymnal” and would be consistent with the location of Gross Markow.

Comment by Paul

Thank you so much, for this information. It was only as I was looking at this again that this began to make some sense. Thank you for your translation. To me that means that the William and Mary Voss on the Mecklenberg-Schwein 1867 Census are almost certainly my Great Grandparents.

I hope some day to find out what happened to William and who his parents were?

Comment by liblady495

My mother was German and I’ve been deciphering my grandmother’s notes on the back of many family photos, It can be tricky but at least she always wrote something! 🙂

Comment by Paul

LOVE your site! ; – )

Comment by Sheherazade

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