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Week 20: Fame
May 19, 2011, 11:04 am
Filed under: 52 Weeks of Personal Genealogy & History

Week 20. Fame. Tell us about any local brushes with fame. Were you ever in the newspaper? Why? You may also describe any press mentions of your family members.

As I think about my family, there were only 3 times when their name would be in the newspaper.  We farming family and there wasn’t much time to be involved with activities that would get our name in the paper.  For many in the family they would have their name in the paper with a birth announce, an engagement and/or marriage announce, and last but not least their obituary.  For my self, I don’t know if there was a birth announcement in the paper, but I would need to check out the Jewel County Record for 1948, to see is such an announcement exists.  I did have engagement and wedding announcements in several papers.  I do have copies of some of these.  Over the years, I have been involved in various school activities in various capacities, and have had my picture in the paper because of my involvement.

But the brush with fame I want to share is during my college days.  The organization I belonged to during my college years was the Kansas State Square Dance Club.  I joined my first year, and enjoyed it through out my college career.  My junior year the group decided they wanted to form an exhibition group. I decided to join, as did my future husband.  This group was a double square, we had 8 couples in the square, instead of the normal 4.  During the year we practiced, decided on our outfits, and began performing for groups around the state.  It took us to various places over the state of Kansas, the first year we also traveled to the University of Colorado, Fort Collins to perform for their Square Dance group.  The next year we were asked to perform at the state Square Dance Convention, in Century 2, Wichita, Kansas.  Our group was honored to to be the performers for the Governor of Kansas, Robert B. Docking.  I feel this was my closest brush with fame.  I am sure there might be a mention of our group in the Wichita Eagle, as they did cover the convention, but would need to do some exploring to find it.

Amy Coffin of the We Tree blog ( has yet another successful series on her hands: 52 Weeks of Personal Genealogy & History (


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How cool that you achieved such square dance fame. I hope you find the article about it.

Comment by Amy Coffin

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