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Stop interrupting
May 26, 2011, 11:09 am
Filed under: New thoughts

As I said in my Genea-Wish List, I wish life would stop interrupting my work on my genealogy.  I am working on documentation for the Weisleder family and haven’t had time to get back to it for several days.

Of course, having time to spend with my brother and his wife, and my sister were a high priority.  It was good to spent several days with them.  We finalized our plans for an Alaskan Cruise later this summer.

Then I have been working on PR for a couple of church events.  It takes time to make even a single slide. A friend is wanting to have a presentation representing 40 years of ministry and marriage.  She was going to do it herself, but she got a computer virus and was so frustrated, I have been trying to help her out.  Later today, I will take a group down for a conference retirement for them.  Also I will be helping with Vacation Bible School next week.  I have started an online class on using WordPress.  We are on lesson 3 and I have learned several things that I know will be helpful as I work on making this a website/blog or a hybrid website.  Then a picture was needed to complete a plaque for a gift, and I have been working on that picture.

I was able to get the picture ready to go very quickly, because I had downloaded DearMrytle’s webinar on labeling photographs.  Now I had watched and wanted to make use of the information, but hadn’t actually done it.  Of course I have PhotoShop, not the program she was using, but she did say it worked much the same in both programs.  I just had to find the compatible term for frames, in PhotoShop.  Once I found it, canvas, I was able to add a colored frame to the photo,  Now I want to have time to label my photos.

Those are a few of my interruptions in the past week.  I hope shortly I can get back to my Weisleders.


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