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Week 27: Vacations
July 27, 2011, 8:50 am
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Week 27. Vacations. Where did your family go on vacation? Did you have a favorite place? Is it still there? If not, how has the area changed?

It is time to catch up with these blogging posts.  I have been concentrating on a couple of projects, that did not leave much time for this.  One is completed and the other needs fine tuning for completion.  So here I am 4 weeks behind and trying to catch up.

Vacations:  For many a vacation is the time to get away and relax, not worry about work and other things.  For others it is a time to do fun things.  When I was growing up we did not take a two week “vacation” on a regular basis.  We would visit family and friends that were a day’s drive, but only occasionally would we stay overnight.  The first extended vacation that I remember was a trip in 1955 to Montana.  My father was going to take my sister to Montana as a graduation trip.  One reason we did not take many vacations, my parents milked cows, and they were milked twice day, finding someone to come in to milk them and care for the milk and cream was not easy.  We also had chickens, eggs had to be gathered daily another big chore.  So for this trip my brother stayed behind to take care of the cows and chickens while we were gone.  But in 1955 my sister graduated from high school. My parents, my sister and I traveled to Montana, that summer to see our father’s mother, and some of his brothers and sisters.  Because of the chores, we never took a vacation/trip with all 5 of us.

It took several days to drive from Kansas to Montana.  I was only 7 years old and my sister was 18.   I don’t remember much about the trip up or back.  I don’t remember if we drove straight through, my sister could have helped with the driving, or if we stayed overnight.  I think we did stay one night with my father’s brother, George and his wife, June in Denver one way or the other.  What I remember about that was they wanted to take my folks to the greyhound races.  I was too young to get in the gate so Daddy, George and I sat by the fence and we could see the races from a distance.  I remember sitting in a box watching but have no desire to watch them again.  We also traveled through Yellowstone, and I do remember bears coming up to the cars.

We always say we went to Montana but actually we went to Coeur’d Alene, ID.  Daddy’s mother was in a rest home there, be cared for by her daughter Irene. That was our home base.  We visited grandma, Aunt Irene, Aunt Agnes and her husband Paul, Uncle Herman and Elsie, and Uncle Charlie and Marjorie.  There were a few cousins there also, but they were my sister’s age, so I didn’t get to do much with them.

The one thing I did enjoy, Aunt Irene had a player piano, which she let me play.  I thought that was the neatest thing.

When you are 7 you don’t remember the same kinds of things that you would when you are older.

Montana 1955

With family in Montana, I am the young girl in front

Most of the trips/vacations I remember were spent visiting family.  The trip to Montana was the only time I saw my Grandma Voss, my mother’s parents lived in Arkansas and we did make a few trips down there also.

When I married and had a family, again we did not have vacations. When my husband had free time to travel I was working, when I had free time to travel he was busy with harvest and getting the fields ready for the next crop, so again we did not have time to travel.

About15 years ago, my brother, sister and their spouses, along with other family members started taking a trip to various places across the United States.  They kept saying, “you need to come with us”.  I was a widow working full time and trying to get 2 boys through school so that was not an option for me as they would travel when I was in school.  About six years ago, I decided to go with them, we had a wonderful time.  It was the first time all three of us had ever traveled together.  Now my brother, sister and I try to take an annual trip together.  This year we will be taking an Alaskan Cruise with friends, and a cousin.

52 Weeks of Personal Genealogy & History by Amy Coffin is a series of weekly blogging prompts (one for each week of 2011) that invite genealogists and others to record memories and insights about their own lives for future descendants.


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