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Thursdays Treasures: Child’s Rocker
August 18, 2011, 1:38 pm
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My rocking chair

Gift from Santa

This rocker is one of the few presents I got from Santa Claus.  I was about 5 or 6 when this chair was my Christmas present, almost 60 years ago.  We lived in a two story house, and there wasn’t a chimney for Santa to come down. That Christmas morning I was told Santa had left my present in the barn.  So I had to go down the hill to the barn where my parents milked the cows to get my Christmas present.  At that time is was more reddish colored wood.  Over the years, I used the chair, as well as cousins, nieces and nephews, my children and grandchildren.  When I was in high school or college, I refinished the chair to it’s present color.

Several years ago, my son’s family was at my house, I had the chair available for their then 4 or 5 year old granddaughter.  I told her the story of how I came to have the chair.  We had been visiting in the dining room.  We later moved to the living room.  When we got in the living room Suszan looked around the room, then looked at me.

“But, Grandma, you have a chimney”.

I hadn’t explained that this wasn’t the house I lived in as a child.

This is still a special treasure from my childhood.


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Really liked your rocking chair story – makes me think extra hard about what Santa should bring this year. Also, liked your State Farm ad. 😉

Comment by Dari Hilbert

I have my rocker too. My great-aunt gave me hers as well. So I have 2 to pass on to my girls. Thanks for posting your story.

Comment by Wendy

[…] couple of gifts that I remember, one is the rocker I received as a child.  Here is the post about this […]

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