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Week 36: Road trip – Part I
October 25, 2011, 8:58 am
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Week 36: Road Trips. Describe a family road trip from your childhood. Where did you go and why? Who was in the car? How did you pass the time?

Although this is to be about a family road trip from your childhood, I am going to share a road trip that I have just completed.  It will be divided into several segments.  On this journey were  Melba, Karen, Charles & Judy and Gloria.  We traveled from Kansas to Vancouver, Washington,  Kenneth & Billie joined us there , to travel up to Vancouver, BC.  Carl & Nola joined us there.

We were celebrating 40 years of marriage, & ministry, a 60th birth, combined with a family vacation.

Nine of us boarded the STATENDAM, cruising the inside passage up to Alaska.  Then we debarked for 5 days to tour some of Alaska’s inland.  From Fairbanks, we flew back to Vancouver, BC.  Carl & Nola flew back to Montana, Melba remained in Vancouver, Washington with our Kenneth & Billie. Charles & Judy, Karen & Gloria headed back towards home via a brief rest in Colorado.

Alaskan Journey – 2011

Part I – Kansas to Vancouver, B.C
Charles & Judy loading the van

Getting ready

Charles & Judy, picked up Melba and Karen in Ellis, then on to Colby to Gloria’s.  The next day we traveled through Kansas, Colorado, and Wyoming to our destination of Rawlings, Wyoming.   Karen and Melba’s cousin, Cindy, gave us a tour of Rawlings, sharing information and history of the area.

Eating lunch

Gloria, Melba, Judy & Charles


Karen: the photographer

Then on to Twin Falls, Idaho, through Wyoming, Utah and Idaho.  As we traveled through Utah, we stopped by the side of the road to see our first live moose, a male and female, keeping cool in a small marshy pool.


Utah Moose

Female Moose

Female Moose

After reaching our motel in Twin Falls we learned of the Earthquake in Virginia, from Charles & Judy’s son.  That evening we drove out to Shoshone Falls, just as the sun was getting ready to set . It was a very calm and beautiful location.

Shoshone Falls

Shoshone Falls

Shoshone Falls

Shoshone Falls

Gloria, Charles & Judy

Gloria, Charles & Judy

Vancouver, Washington was our next destination, Kenneth & Billie, would be  joining us for the cruise.  We took the day to just relax, driving out to Bonneville Dam, for a tour.  Our tour guide took us down in to the bowels of the dam to see the huge, huge generators.  After the tour, he said if we would have lunch, just down the road he would join us.  Andreas, came and serenaded us during our lunch, at CXXX in Stevenson, WA, with his 8-string guitar, playing Classical and Baroque music. He also presented a copy of his CD to Charles & Judy, and Kenneth & Billie.

CXXX Bar & Grill

CXXX at Stevenson, WA


Serenade by Andreas

The next day we headed out to Vancouver, BC.  Here we would board our cruise ship the STATENDAM.  We were certainly glad we were not scheduled to board the boat that day; we probably would have missed it.  After getting past the boarder, we were about 15 minutes from our motel and it was 4pm.  As the cars piled up around us, we inched our way forward, getting very frustrating at our slow movement.   Ahead we could see 3 lanes merging into one lane. Two hours later we arrived at the tunnel, suddenly cars were whizzing all around us.  It was 6pm we had moved 1 mile, and now there were 3 lanes open going both ways.  We had arrived right at rush hour. We now have a better understanding of rush hour traffic.

A day to explore Vancouver was planned.  Replacing forgotten clothes determined our first destination. A very scenic drive with lots of detours, took us to more of the residential section than we expected and no store was located.   We divided, our group heading for Fisherman’s Wharf.  Just a few blocks from the Motel, was the store, we hoped the other group would find it.  But we headed on to Fisherman’s Wharf, where we explored a fresh fish market, as we enjoyed the shore.

Fishermans Wharf

Fishermans Wharf at Steveston, BC

On the shore

Relaxing at the Wharf

Our next stop was a Buddhist Monastery.  It was very oriental, calm and peaceful.

Buddhist Monastery

Entering the Monastery

Serenity Pool

Serenity Pool

Upon our return to motel, Carl & Nola, the final members of our group had arrived.

All nine of us were all excited to start the next segment of our journey.

…………………………………to be continued.


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Looks like a fabulous trip! I can’t wait to read more.

Comment by Amy Coffin

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