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Week 45: High School
November 9, 2011, 8:59 am
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Week #45 – High School

Week 45. High School. Describe your middle and/or high school. Was it a large or small student body? Is the school still in existence today? How has it changed since you went there?

I attended two High Schools.  My Freshman – Junior years I attended Burr Oak High School. I had been a member of the class since Second Grade.  The class of 22 was looking forward to graduation in 1966.  Burr Oak was a small IA school, with about 80-90 students grades 9-12.  Every one was involved in most of the activities.  Sports were an important extra-curricular activity.  I was a member of the High School Band, Kayettes, and Pep Club. It was a very busy 3 years.

The summer of 1965, my father took up a friends offer to get him a job for the grounds crew at KSU in Manhattan, Kansas.  In just a few weeks, he had job, we found a house, the farm was sold and we moved to Manhattan.  It is there that I attended my Senior of High School.  A very different experience.  This was the first year that they would be graduating a class of over 300.  Going from my small school, to this large school was quite an experience  There were more students in my class than in the whole school at Burr Oak.

As they were growing and had limited space,  they had a split schedule, classes were held from 7:30 – 2:30, or 8:30 – 3:30.  I chose to go with the early schedule.  The building provided classes for the 10th – 12th Graders.  Because of changing schools, graduation requirements differed, some of the requirements were at different grade levels, so I was taking those classes needed to full fill the graduation requirements, not necessarily Senior classes.

This was definitely a challenging year for me, I had to take the PE class, and Geometry for a second math requirement.  At Burr Oak I had always been at the top of my class, here I was working very hard to stay in the middle of the group.  By changing schools, I feel I was better prepared for my college career which I started that summer.

Burr Oak Schools have gone through many transitions since I attended, as I mentioned in my blog about elementary school.  The community has struggled economically, and today they are a county school consolidated with Mankato & Jewell, known as the Rock Hill District.   While Manhattan, is a part of a growing community, being a part of a college community, and next to Fort Riley.   Manhattan High has had some additions, but the building I attended continues to house the 10-12 graders, while the 9 graders attend the campus at the former Middle School.  As Manhattan is a college town it continuing to grow, in 1966 there were about 1200 students 9-12; with almost 2000 students 9-12 today.


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