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Week 36: Road Trip – Part IV
November 12, 2011, 9:26 am
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Alaska Trip

Part I: Drive up

Part II: Cruise

Part III : Inland Tour

Part IV: Heading Home


Officially our cruise is over.  It has been nice to have someone else taking us were we needed to go, and not have to worry about where we would sleep, and there were always places to eat.  Now we were on our own.  Melba, Kenneth & Billie were up and ready to go about 30 minutes ahead of us.  Charles, Judy, Gloria & I took a little longer to get the van loaded.  Our group wanted to make some stops along the way, so we were not going to caravan back to Vancouver, WA.

We loaded up, and headed out.  We missed the traffic logjam, and were cruising right a long.  We were coming close to the board, when Charles suggested we get out passports, ready to present.  To my amazement when I opened mine, there was Melba staring up at me.  I had given her the wrong passport.  An immediate call was made to Kenneth, thankfully, the call went through.  They were in sight of the boarder.  I told him Charles was jogging up to them to exchange passports.  We were all relieved when he returned with the exchanged passport.

At the boarder, everything was checked, Charles & Judy were told you haven’t signed your passport.  All of the places we had used them no one had caught it.  Later, we found out Kenneth had been told the same thing.

Back in the USA


For lunch we stopped at Applebee’s in Maysville, Washington.  We are waiting to order, when Charles overhears another patron say we just had an earthquake.  We looked up at the lights and every pendant light in the place was swaying in time.  One lady looked up, said “about 2.9.”  Charles then called Eric, his son, to find out if there had been an earthquake anywhere near us.  Eric pulled up an app on his phone, he told us that an 6.4 earthquake had just been recorded for Vancouver, Island.  (Thankfully no damage was recorded for this earthquake.)  We didn’t feel the quake just saw the results.  (Since then at home I felt an aftershock from the Oklahoma quake.)

We took leftovers with us for supper that evening.  Our next stop was Mt. St. Helen’s, the Grants and Mattix families had camped there a number of years ago.  We reached the area where we could take some pictures and see the changes since we had been there.

Mt. St. Helen's 2011

The tourist stops were closed when we got to them.  We came back down to a small convenience store at Toutle to use the bathroom.  After we had taken our break and stretched, we decided it was time to eat.  There was  a picnic table at the side, and we ate our leftovers from lunch al fresco. Then on back to Kenneth’s at Vancouver.

We unloaded Karen’s and Melba’s luggage. It was time to do laundry again. Mine to be done that night.  Melba did a load as she was going to send on suitcase back with me.  Then repacking suitcases and ready to go again.  Melba was going to be staying with Kenneth & Billie before she returned home.


Time to head for home.  Charles, Judy & Gloria came by the next morning, to pick up Karen.  After breakfast, and loading the van, we were heading for Boise, Idaho our stop for the night. A stop was made at Multnomah Falls.  It is a double falls, just outside of Portland.  We parked then walked under the highway to the Falls.  It was a beautiful day and the Falls were magnificent.


At Multnomah Falls

At Multnomah Falls

The trip took us back through the Columbia Gorge.  I was quite tired, so I listened to an audio book and slept, through out the day.

For lunch that day we stopped at a Shari’s, after eating we decided to take a pie with us, to eat for supper.  On the way back to Interstate, we stopped at a Farmer’s market, picked up a cantaloupe, and honeydew, peaches, and plumcots.  They also had other very good choices.  One was a jar of Hood River Apple Pie Butter.  It was made with fruit juice and no additional sugar.  It had pieces of apple and raisins.  Very tasty.  I may order some from Gloria’s gourmet Foods, for Christmas gifts.

Because of the stop at the Falls we arrived in Boise early evening, had done our tourist visits earlier. Supper was leftovers, and fresh cantaloupe, and the delicious marionberry pie from Shari’s.


Another day of travel, after breakfast we headed for Salt Lake City.  Once we got into Utah, my sinuses started acting up, between sneezes and drainage, I just didn’t feel good.  I was too tired to even take many pictures.  We arrived in Salt Lake City, early enough to do a little touring.  We drove around Temple Square.  (Some day I want to visit the Family History Library).  Then out to the Great Salt Lake.  Charles, Gloria and Karen put their feet into the water.

Great Salt Lake

Great Salt Lake

As we were returning back to our motel, a dust storm hit.  We planned on stopping to pick up some things to supplement our supper.  But when the storm hit, we just wanted out of it.  Our supper that night was leftovers, and things we had picked up along the way.  We had the honeydew and topped it all off with the rest of the pie.


Last day of major travel for awhile.  We left Salt Lake City, heading for Salida, Colorado to spend a few day at a friend’s cabin, and Gloria will be staying with her son and his family.   My allergies were not making this a pleasant trip.  We crossed the Continental Divide by Monarch Pass.  The mountains were all looking a little bare.

We arrived at Salida in time to have supper at Gloria’s son’s home.  They have 3 year old twins, and a nine month old.  It was fun just to watch the little ones.

Then Charles, Judy and I headed back to the cabin. First we stopped to pick up some food and  supplies for the next few days.   It was nice to know we didn’t have to rush in the morning.  So we could have a leisurely breakfast.


The cabin had a beautiful view of several mountain peaks around us. The fall foliage was beginning to turn around us.  That morning were heading to Carrie’s parents, at Howard, CO. Charles was going to baptize Jarrett, the 9 month old.  Below the house was a small stream and pond.  It was here that the family gathered to baptize him.  Water was drawn from the flowing stream, and used for the baptismal ceremony.

Baptism at the Pond

Baptism at the Pond

There was one little sprinkle of rain after it was finished.  A luncheon was served at the Grandparent’s house.  Then Charles, Judy and I headed back to the cabin, to just relax for the afternoon.  Judy napped, Charles and I worked on our photographs.

We returned to Buel and Carrie’s for supper.  We were to be there at 6, but we were watching a movie and had to find out whodunit.  So we were a little late.  There was a nice gentle rain by this time.

Enjoyed the evening with Gloria and her family.  Back to the cabin, to get a good nights sleep.


No traveling, no timetable to keep up with.  Just relaxed, got our wash done, and packed to head home the next day.  Carrie and Buel were gracious enough to have in for another meal.  Certainly enjoyed them and their children.  As we were heading back to cabin, again in a nice gentle rain, Charles noticed there was now snow on the mountains.


This morning, as we looked out Monarch Pass had snow on it peaks.  Several of the mountains were showing fresh snow.  The sunlight and the snow was a glorious sight.

Colorado Mountain 2011

Colorado Mountain 2011 with Fresh Snow

After we ate breakfast, loaded the van, headed in to Salida to pick up Gloria.  She would be home tonight.

There was a lot of dense fog, so Charles ended up doing most of the driving.  Everyone was ready to be home.   Arrived in Colby, stopped for supper at Arby’s, then to Dillon’s for a few supplies and back to Gloria’s.

We got the Internet straightened out, divided up the cost, and got pictures to the right person.  We had survived 26 days traveling together, and would do it again.

Although not everyone is home yet, this is end of our journey.  Charles and Judy will take Karen to Ellis to get her car, to head back to Larned,  then they will head to Wichita for a couple of days.


It was time to say good by to Gloria, as Charles, Judy and I headed out for home. One last stop at Starbuck, then on to Ellis.  It was only a couple of hours down the road.

As I am traveling this last leg of the trip I am reminded of all of the fall colors that we have seen over the past few weeks.  Kansas some times get the short end, they aren’t know for the fall colors, or mountains, or the big history spots.  But Kansas, is home, as I was driving I saw the colors as fields of milo were  turning there bright rusty red, with bright green leaves. Kansas in reality has 2 major changes of colors, in spring, the green wheat turning  the fields to waves of gold, and in the fall, the fields of milo, along with  a field of yellow, and an occasional field of sunflowers.

Unloaded my luggage, to put it into my car.  Put Melba’s suitcase in the house, took a quick break.  Said good bye to Charles and Judy.  When my car was loaded I headed to Hays to have a visit with my niece, Creta.  Picked up a quick lunch, and headed home.

I was very glad to be home.

Another Road Trip is over.

I have only one trip that tops this one, and it was my trip to Egypt, with this trip to  Alaska coming in as number 2.


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