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1940 Census: Who are you looking for and Why?
April 1, 2012, 2:32 pm
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1940 Census: Who are you looking for and Why?

I am anxiously a waiting, Apr 2 to be able start looking for my parents, they were married in 1936, along with my brother and sister.  My sister just turned 75.  I won’t be on until the 1950 Census comes out.

Some of the questions, where were my parents in 1935, was my father still in Arkansas, when did my mother go to Oklahoma?  It asks about their education.  Was my Aunt living with them in 1940? She came from Arkansas to help with the children.

I see that Kansas will be one of the first states to be indexed.  I will definitely be working on that one, and others.

I also want to know where my grandparents were in 1935.  I know they were in Arkansas in 1930 and had moved back to Montana by 1940, as grandpa died in 1938, but just when did they move back.

I may not find out this one until Montana gets indexed as I am not sure exactly where they lived in 1940.  It was on a ranch.

So hope to be able to find my parents, and start indexing tomorrow.  There are other relatives I will be looking for but the indexing will take precedence for them.

Only hope to be lucky to have them on the line 14 or I don’t remember the other one.

Looking forward to tomorrow!!!!!


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Hadn’t thought of where Grandma Dipman would be living! Saw a blurb about the census on the morning news – said so many people were searching that the website crashed. Hope to check it out! Sounds like it has some fascinating info! My dad & Tom’s dad & mom should both be recorded. Lots to learn! 🙂

Comment by Dari Hilbert

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