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1940 Census – Day 2
April 3, 2012, 9:59 pm
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Today I was able to index about 500 names on the 1940 Census for Kansas, I did pages for Brown, Bourbon, Anderson, and Butler.

The first page of Brown County, showed me the name of a student when I taught there in the 1970’s.  It was one of those name that is not pronounce the way it looks and I remember lots of people mispronouncing the name.  The names I indexed could have been her grandparents or great grandparents.  They were also members of the Kickapoo Indian Tribe.  The final name on the same page reminded me of another student.

Only a couple of other names brought up memories of my days in Brown County, which won’t be for 30 years.

There are only 105 counties in the state of Kansas:  “We have only just begun”. I am going to work on indexing for the time being.  I know that each page is indexed twice, thenan arbitrator goes reviews and compares the two, so it will still be awhile before we get to the Kansas Counties I am interested in.

Although as I was going through, I thought about where was I each of the Census years since I was born.  As I have a few year to make 72, I am not on the 40’s Census, but I will be on the 1950 Census.

In 1950 – my family was living near Mankato, Kansas

In 1960 – my family was living in country near Burr Oak, Kansa

In 1970 – I would be enumerated on the 1970 Census living at home with my parents in Manhattan, Kansas, although that summer I moved to Cedar Rapids, Iowa to start my teaching career.

In 1980 – I was married and living in Pratt County, Kansas

I was still there in 1990.

Then in 2000 I was in Larned, Kansas that year I was one of the fortunate ones to get the long form, which had so many, many questions to answer.

Of course in 2010 I was still in Larned.

Of course during those years, I also lived in Cedar Rapids, Iowa 1970-71, and then to Horton, Brown County, Kansas 1971 – 1975.  So someday someone will be looking for me, on those Census records.

Since I had other commitments today, I worked as much as I could, hopefully tomorrow, I can get closer to 1000 names done.



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