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1940 Census – Day 3
April 4, 2012, 11:04 pm
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It has been a cool dreary day, a good day for staying inside, appreciate the moisture that has come the past couple of days.  This kind of day is a good day for staying in and working on indexing.  Over the past 3 days I have indexed 1800 names for the state of Kansas.  That means when a second person has looked over these pages and they are arbitrated they will be ready to be searched.  I have had the counties of Butler, Cherokee, Cheyenne, Clay, Chase, Cowley, Cloud, Decatur, Crawford, Ellis and Franklin.

When I took a break and checked Geneabloggers, Randy Seavers gave the address for finding the downloaded pages on Family Search.  I went to Kansas, Pawnee County and Enumeration Districk 73-7, which I found using Steve Morse’s web site. On page three here is what I found

1940 Census for Voss family


They were living in Grant Township outside of Rozel, Kansas in Pawnee County.

My father was renting the land and it was a farm, he was listed as R K with wife Inez V their ages were 35 and 25.  Melbarose(sic) Melba Rose, daughter was 3, and Kenneth L was 1.  As his birthday is later in the month of April he was almost 2 years old.  Eldred Sanders aged 17, sister-in-law was living with them.  R K provided the information for this census, he completed 8 grade and Inez had completed 7th grade (My understanding Mom had not gotten that far in school).  Eldred had also completed 8th grade.  The places of birth were Montana, Arkansas, Kansas, Kansas and Arkansas.  On April 1, 1935 he reported they were living in rural Stafford County, this may have been where he was in 1935, but they were not married until 1936, so where was she, in Arkansas or Oklahoma. Radium which is where they first set up housekeeping is in Stafford County. They were married in Paul’s Valley Oklahoma, but how long was she there before they were married.  Eldred was in Rodney, Arkansas in 1935.  Rudolf was employed 52 week in 1939, and worked 80 a week, for a Salary of $250.

Eldred is still living and maybe on a good day, I can find out when Inez went to Oklahoma.

I had never examined the map that closely and I though Radium was either in Pawnee or Barton Counties, but it is located in Stafford.

As I close out this day.  I am pleased with what I have accomplished.  There something about seeing a family member’s name on a Census.  As so many of the family members I will be searching for are in rural areas, and I don’t know exactly where they lived, I will be patient and wait out the coming months for each state to be come indexed.

As anyone who is indexing can see there are many more states and names to be indexed.

Tomorrow I can not devote the day to indexing, I have other commitments that come first, I will try to get a few pages worked in.




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