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Update on 1940 Census
May 9, 2012, 3:39 pm
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I worked on the state of Kansas at first, as that is where I would find my parents.  So exciting that is it one of the first states available for searching, but it need to continue.  I have worked on Montana, Michigan and Arkansas.  Montana is close to being ready for search, while Michigan and Arkansas have a ways to go.When these 3 become close to ready I will pick another 3 states, and keep working until this project is complete.

I am currently concentration on Arkansas, as I would like to be able to locate my mother’s family when it becomes searching.  I have indexed almost 18000 names since the 40’s Census became available.  A couple of interesting things  a 15 year old with a year old baby married to a 74 year old man.  What is the story behind this marriage? I can think of several scenario’s.  The names are always so interesting.  Reading some of the handwriting is quite a challenge.  There have been a few times I have looked back on the 1930’s census to check on the family, to find out how the name is spelled.

Montana is where my father’s mother will be indexed, his father died in 1938 so he will not be on the 1940’s Census.  Michigan is where my grandmother’s family lived before moving on to Buffalo, New York.  Missouri and Indiana will be places to look for my husband’s family.  So I am anxious for the indexing to be completed so I can research some family members.

Although this is not apart of the Census, have made contact with a distant cousin, who wants to share some pictures and information on my mother’s side.  But this is a very busy weekend, with graduation and time with friends, probably won’t get to much indexing done for the next several days.  Was glad to see more states have become searchable.  ONWARD and UPWARD and soon it will be complete.


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