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My Plans for 2013
January 3, 2013, 2:21 pm
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My plans for 2013

Another year has past.  I did not have the energy to work on my blog last year.  I dealt with several health issues, they took a lot out of me.  It was also a year, I had to depend on others a great deal, for a person who has always been independent, this was hard.  But was very grateful for those who were willing to help me.

A rainbow is like a friend, always there after the storm.

Amish Proverb

This year I want to blog about the 50 states – telling what I have seen if I have been there, or reasons why I would like to visit the state.  Currently, I have touched all of the western states, with California, the state I have only driven through Needles, and back out, with plans to cruise to Hawaii in 2014.  The Dakotas, the southern states, the very northeastern states, and the Carolinas are the states I have not had the opportunity to visit.

So over the next year, I plan on working through state by state, starting with Kansas, as it is my home state.

I plan to continue working on the Langston family, as my cousin and I are the current editors of “The Langston Family and Kinsmen Newsletter”.  We will be publishing the first issue for year 36.  A great deal of information has been included in this newsletter over the years.

I also would like to get back to work on the Weisleder family, as well as the Grossman and Voss families.

Also during this year I will be working on a history for the United Methodist Church of Larned, which will celebrate 140 years in September 2013.  Thankful the first 125 years have been well documented, so I will need to concentrate on the last 15 years. I will also try to get many of the photographs organized.

Hoping to travel to the Family History Library in Salt Lake this spring, and attend a couple of family reunions. I also plan on continuing my volunteer work at the Santa Fe Trail Center, here in Larned.

I hope to have some thing in place that will show my accomplished for the year 2013.

Looking forward to being healthier this year.  At least here at the beginning it is better.

Blessing for a wonderful New Year, with whatever you hope to accomplish.


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