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DNA: A New Adventure
May 12, 2014, 4:47 pm
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The area of genealogy is never ending.  It can be very addictive.  I have so many projects I would like to do, but need to focus on a couple.

This January our visit with Uncle Henry’s granddaughter was quite an experience.  She has been working on genealogy using AncestryDNA.  After seeing how it works I decided to take the plunge.  This last week I received the results of my DNA test.  OH, my!!

First of all I am definitely European with Great Britain 42%, Scandinavian 22%, Europe East 19%, and Iberian Peninsula 13%, with 4% with trace matches.

So now my challenge is to check out the Matches (hints)  there are only 192 pages of hints with 50 per page.  That makes close to 10,000 matches.  This will not be completed any time soon, and as more people take the test, there will be more matches.

The first thing I did was watch 3 tutorials from Ancestry on YouTube about AncestryDNA.

You’ve received your DNA Results? Now What.

What to do with all those Matches.

Making the Cousin Connection.


Now it is time to work my way through all these names.  I will start out with those that have a shakey leaf.  That reduces the numbers a great deal.  There are 2 possible 3rd cousins, 2 possible 4th cousins, and 35  Distant cousins with shakey leaf matches. There will be plenty to do after I work my way through these names.

The 3rd video shows how Crista Cowen, goes through each name. Marking with a star to continue with, adding a note, about common ancestors and the match. Then about contacting the owner of tree for further information.  As well as other information about following the DNA;

I am writing this out because I have a couple of people that are also having DNA tested.  I am quite sure I will calls from them.

So as this summer progresses and Family Reunions are coming up, a wedding, and another cruise, I have another busy year ahead.  I just need to take time to update my progress, and try not to get distracted and off on a tangent as I look at all of this information. A couple of updates a month will be a goal I want to make for myself.



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Wow! Did you have to send in blood? Or swab your cheeK?
How did you send in your DNA?

Comment by Stepanie

I sent for the kit, when it arrived I spit in to this small vial, it said about 1/4 tsp, but it took a while to get above the line. Returned it to Ancestry, and waited for the results. They said 6-8 weeks, but it was back in 3.

It is very helpful to have a tree on Ancestry, to link to. I hope I can talk you dad into doing this. There is a special for Father’s Day.

Comment by Liblady495

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