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DNA continued
June 30, 2014, 10:28 am
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The past few weeks have been quite busy.  Traveled with my brother, his wife, and my sister to Arkansas, to two family reunions.  Reunions are always interesting.

Always enjoy staying with our cousin in the area.  She has just recently retired, so had some free time to spend with us.

Traveled around Izard and neighboring counties, to see family and talk to friends.  Cousins drove us around to see different locations that my grandparents lived during their lifetime.  Visited with Aunt Della.  Also had supper with the children of a cousin.  Except for the fact that a “country mile” has to be at least 3 miles, we finally arrived and enjoyed a visit with them.  Three of them were neighbors, with their mother.  The fourth was visiting from Portland, Ore.

After arriving home I received the  results of my brother’s DNA.  We shared localities but with very different percentages.  I am still trying to decided how to proceed with all of this information.  My sister’s DNA they were unable to process, so I am awaiting a new kit to try again.

Karen:  Great Britain 42%, Scandinavian 22%, Europe East 19%, Iberian Peninsula 13%.

Kenneth: Scandinavian 35%, Europe West 22%, Europe East 16%, Iberian Penisula 9%, Ireland 8%, Great Britain 7%

I called my friends about their DNA and they had missed the email, but I was able to get them started.

Not sure where this journey will take me.



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