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Genealogy: A hay stack full of needles. It’s the threads I need.

Liblady’s Genealogy Blog is to share my journey into the world of genealogy, and looking for those threads.  I will be writing about the search, sharing memories and photos from my past, also sharing information about the following families  VOSS-WEISLEDER, SANDERS-LANGSTON, GROSSMAN-YERRICK, AND RICE-MCDANIEL.

I welcome comments, and questions about these families as I try to unravel our past.

I had retired as a teacher and school librarian. After 38 years in education I decided to spend my time enjoying my family and working on my family genealogy. I enjoy photography and searching for members of my family and  Living in a small town in the center of the US in the state of Kansas.

Some much to to do and so little time.


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I just emailed your yahoo address. I believe your husband & I are related. 🙂

Comment by Sheri

I have not received an email about this. I would be interested to see if there is a family connection.

Comment by Liblady495

Hm. ok, I’ll put it here.
I was researching Peter Tussing & found an old blog of yours from 2011. Curious on how we are related. I’m actually of the Grossman line. I’ll explain:
I am back as far as Johann Paulus Grossman (1681 – 10/22/1724) He was my 8th great grandfather.
Johann Paulus Grossman (1681 – 10/22/1724)
Michael C. Grossman (9/2/1714 – 11/22/1755)
Johann Michael Grossman (1//22/1748 – 10/7/1810)
Jacob Grossman (1/18/1776 – 4/12/1836)
Michael Grossman (1/21/1800 – 4/17/1876)
David Wilson Grossman (9/1/1836 – 12/31/1908)
David Henry Grossman (1/5/1866 – 7/23/1950)
Glenn David Grossman (7/12/1895 – 2/1/1972)
Donald Frederick Grossman (1/18/1923 – 8/18/1986)
M. Grossman (1952 – Living)Editing as this is now public…
Me (1971 – Living) (Me)

I’d be very interested in sharing Grossman information. I have family photos & photos of a homestead in Lancaster. I am going on vacation this coming week and will stop in Marion, Pennsylvania to visit a cemetery & the family farm of Jacob Grossman. Will share anything I find at Salem Evangelical as well.)

Hope to hear back from you.

Comment by Sheri

I have sent you an email. If you do not receive it let me know.

Comment by Liblady495

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