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Family Reunions
June 10, 2013, 8:55 am
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I have not followed through on my plans for 2013.  At this point I need to regroup and start again.

Over the last month I have traveled and been involved in a number of family reunions with one more to go.  So far I have been to a surprise birthday party, a family gathering on Memorial Weekend, and then a Family Reunion in Henderson, Ark. with the Langston Reunion coming up in Wild Cherry, and meeting other family members in Calico Rock.

After I get back, I will try to recap each of these as they each include different branches of the family.

Pictures to be included.

Now I have a list of pictures to find, and others projects for relatives I met over the weekend.

You must remember that attending these activities were the Voss family, Kenneth, his wife, Billie, Melba and myself.  Meeting with Voss family, DeWitt family, Dipman family and I will be attending the Langston Family reunion coming up.



New Project: Langston Family Newsletters
June 23, 2011, 8:19 pm
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I am scanning 30+ years of newsletters, to make an archieval copy of all this wonderful information.  I have about 1/2 of them completed because my cousin had a number of copies and I had already scanned them.  But I have just received the very first ones.

The organization started in 1978, and set out the first newsletter in 1978.  I can only imagine what it was like to write and copy a newletter 30 years ago. They probably (I hope)  had an electric typewriter, had to send it to a printer to get it copied. I am amazed they were able to get photos included in the newsletter.   As I look at what we can do today, writing for the newsletter has not changed, but the process to get it to print is very different. If they made a mistake, they might have to start a page all over, you couldn’t just highlight and delete.  One regret is that the photos may or may not come out in the scanning. I am sure there is no way of collecting all of the various photos that have been included in the newsletters.  One had an 8×10″ photo.  They did not have a way to reduce the size as we do today. They were originally printed on 8 1/2 x 14 sheets.  Which makes scanning a challenge.

The organization was started as the Samuel Bennett Langston Family Organization.  After further research, it would appear that the Langston family of Izard County, Arkansas were not descendants of Samuel Bennett Langston.  In 1996 the Samuel Bennett Langston Family Organization was changed to The Langston Family & Kinsmen Organization. This information will change some of the relationships that are reported in the early issues of the Newsletter.

As I am looking through and reading all of the names and stories, a wonderful history of the people that are a part of my family is emerging.  My mother’s mother was Ida Langston, and  my father’s mother was also a Langston.  So it gets rather confusing.  Then to top it all off, my father’s sister also married a Langston.

Now if I could find more of my father’s parent’s family, but they came from Germany and I haven’t had much luck in finding German records for them.

So right now I will continue to work on the newletters, so they can be put on CD’s or DVD’s and others can have a complete set of the newsletters from 1978 – 2011. I will also continue to pursue my father’s family, and my husband’s family.


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