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March 10, 2011, 7:52 pm
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I started exploring the Internet World of Genealogy just a couple of years ago.  I started by subscribing to Michael McNeill’s Genealogy Tip of the Day, and also received his Casefiles.  These tips and casefiles, have helped me with some of the rational for keeping track of my searches, and the tips are invaluable.  I have been able to share with him some of my successes, in my searches.  I was glad to see this site recognized in the top 40.

I found Geneablogger and was soon hooked.  I found Amy’s Blog Prompts for the past couple of years and when the new year started, I jumped in with my personal blog.

Thomas MacEntee was very kind and patient through my first stumbling attempts at getting included on Geneablogger.

I did a post for the 52 Weeks of Personal History & Genealogy, and was surprised to see a comment from Amy Coffin about my blog.

I have been listening to at least an hour of the blogtalkradio on Friday nights, I haven’t been “brave” enough to try to join the chat room.   I look forward to checking my GoogleReader for the new genealogy blog updates.

Ben Sayer has also been a great help with his videos.  I use Reunion 9 and the videos he has made have helped me improve my records.

Another group of people that should not be forgotten are the volunteers for Random Acts of Genealogy Kindness.  I have been able to get some information by making use of this organization.  I have been in contact with a lady and she has gotten me obituaries, and photos of headstones, and did some research for me when she was in Salt Lake City. I was very excited when she sent me copies of Declaration of Intent for people in my family tree. Those papers helped open some more doors, and well as bring up some new questions.

In addition to my family search, I also try to do some indexing for  I did about 25,000 records last year-indexing and arbitrating.  Most of the time I enjoy the challenge of reading some of the handwriting.  After teaching 3rd grade for 16 yrs, and working with Middle Schoolers for 18 years, I have learned to be able to interpret a lot of different handwriting.

If this weather ever warms up I plan on going to some neighboring towns and take photos of headstones.  I will post these on Find a Grave.

I have been very impressed with the people I have had contact with and their willingness to help me. I hope that I can in turn return the favor by helping others.

After watching what was happening at RootsTech, I am just touching the tip of the iceberg that is the world of Genealogy.  Having recently retired, I expect my Genealogy Journey is just beginning.

Thank you to all you on the forefront of Genealogy and Technology.  It can’t all be done with the new, we still need the old but help us keep a balance, and place to air ideas, and names as we look to our future through our past.


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