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A Genealogist Dream Come True
July 1, 2015, 7:29 pm
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In early June 2015, I traveled to Washington State to visit with my brother.  Then Kenneth, Billie and I traveled to Coeur’d Alene, Idaho to visit with our cousin, Wilma and her husband Dick.  Another cousin Carl and his wife, Nola joined us as we visited and shared our memories. Our first meeting was wonderful, considering that Kenneth and I had never met Wilma.  We sat down, and it like we have always known each other.  Carl and Wilma have been in contact over the years.

Wilma shared photos gathered by her mother, Irene and our grandmother, Christiana.  There were a number of them stored in a beautiful album.  One of the great things was that probably 90% were identified.  I have been working on renaming and preparing the photos to be put into some kind of presentation format.


Cousins – Karen, Carl, Wilma and Ken

A Summary of information from pictures scanned at Wilma’s

There are questions that have been answered and also some new questions. I ended up with almost 200 pictures, not counting anything from Sandee, which will be another topic.

Also was able to scan several confirmation documents and Charles Martin and Christiana’s Marriage Certificate.  So much information has been gathered from a very short visit.

There is a picture of a Libby Voss and Bill Cooley. I am exploring the possibility that Libby was the wife of Henry Voss, Brother of Charles Martin. I have recently ordered some obituaries from Monroe County Historical Museum, in Monroe, Michigan to see if they help to explain this relationship. I am finding some interesting information about Agnes/Elizabeth A/Libby Frankhous. If I confirm these are all the same person, I will let people know.

Family Album

Front cover of the Family Album

Pictures I have added to my collection  Even if it is only one.

Pictures added for these Voss Family Members  : Children of Charles and Christiana – Agnes, Rudolf, Irene, George, Herman Voss-Wife Ruby, Children: John, Walter, Margaret, Rosalie, Carl, Charles Voss and Family, Louis, Barbara Langston, Wilma Negrey, Kenneth Voss, Melba Voss, and Walter’s Granddaughter-Valerie.

Pictures added for the Weisleder Family Members  – William and Eva Hagen (k), Children: Sophia Hale, her sons, Walter, Warren and Clarence, William Weisleder, George Leonard and Family, Jennie Momberger, Charles C and Tillie Hansen Weisleder, Florence, Willie, Cora, Howard I., Mary Rodel, Edna, Ella and for Christiana (see Voss Family)

Charles Martin and Christian Weisleder Voss, Wedding picture, As a couple, In Ark, In Montana

Henry Voss’ Daughter – Mary and her husband Henry Dufour. Possibly his wife Agnes

The Mother of Charles Martin and Henry Voss – Mary Flagel Voss Rutschow, her second husband – John Rutschow, her second family – Fred, Carrie, Minnie, Mary “May” McQueen her daughter Erie McQueen Burton, and Erie’s son Daniel.

Unknown photos–
Allene is in a couple of pictures with Christiana and Irene, also one with her son. Do not know if Allene is neighbor, family friend, or relative. There were pictures of a Belfour Family. I could not find any relationship. Contacted a member of the family through Ancestry, and shared the photos I had.

Have also been able to make contact with a member of Freda Voss Miller, have shared information and also a couple of pictures. Freda would be the daughter of Frederick Voss, Brother of William Voss who is the father of Charles Martin.

The Ancestry family tree for Erie McQueen did not have her mother. I believe Mary “May” Rutschow McQueen was her mother. One of pictures was of Erie with her Aunt Carrie Rutschow.

There was a note in album about Rosalie, Eva Weisleder’s mother. It is possible that I need to revise my searches as it is possible Eva’s maiden name was Hagek not Hagen. Have done some searching without any success. There is a picture of a woman that looks very much like Eva, but the time frame for the picture does not fit.

Looking to confirm information about Henry Dufour, as the husband of Mary Voss.

If the picture of Libby Voss and William Cooley, can be confirmed, there will be a picture of the wife of Henry Voss, brother of Charles Martin.

This trip to visit Wilma was a “genealogist dream come true”. As always, as questions are answered, more question come up. I can’t thank Wilma enough for sharing all of those wonderful pictures and memories. Also the fact that so many were identified, was awesome. My next goal is to try to put these into a form that can be shared with the family. Through all of this I have found new records to add to my Voss Family Tree.

Like the dishes and the wash genealogy is never done.

Many thanks to my brother and his wife, Billie for taking me up there, and to my cousin Carl for sharing this time with us. They also provided the contact for one of his nephews and I have pictures and information from them.

Cousins and Spouses

Cousins and Spouses

State vs Henry C Voss page 1
January 27, 2014, 2:13 pm
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Page 2

Court Decision page 2
January 27, 2014, 2:12 pm
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Uncle Henry
September 28, 2013, 9:57 am
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Henry Voss

Henry Voss


1900 – ????

One of the family stories was about my father’s brother Henry Voss.  Henry and Hilda Voss were born Jan 18, 1900, in French Town, Monroe, Michigan.   Hilda died a few weeks later, 3 Feb 1900, she is buried at Gethsemane Cemetery, Monroe, Michigan.  If there was a marker it is no longer there.

Some time after the birth of Henry, the family headed for Montana.  According to a story told by his oldest sister, Irene, they traveled to Montana by wagon train.

As a young man Henry married.   Following the marriage, there was a charivari.  A common activity of the time – to come to the home of the newlyweds. “A chavirari is folk custom in which the community gave a noisy, discordant mock serenade, by pounding on pots and pans, at the home of newlyweds.” Someone died at the chavirari, then Uncle Henry disappeared and nothing was known about what happened to him.  This is the story I heard as I was growing up.

When I began searching for records about Henry Voss, I discovered more information concerning the event that was behind the story, I had heard.  I found a marriage record for Henry Voss and Evelyn Kast. They married on April 4, 1900.  Then through newspaper articles I found out more about the events of the chavirari.  The chavirari for the Voss couple turned tragic when the group returned after being sent away. A young man was shot and died.  Henry was then tried and found guilty of involuntary man slaughter, and sentenced to one to ten years to the Idaho Penitentiary.  Later that year the Idaho Supreme Court granted a retrial.

I had not been able to find out any further information about Henry, Evelyn or the second trial.

The Rest of the story:This summer (2013)  my sister and I joined my brother’s family to celebrate the retirement of his son from the Navy.  We traveled to San Antonio, Tx for this celebration.  While there I did not have my computer, but through my email I received a notice from Ancestry, about some one interested in information concerning Henry Voss.  Of course my interest was peaked.  Upon my arrival home I made contact with the person making the request.

To my amazement I was being contacted by the granddaughter of Henry Voss,  Lynda.  We did not know that Henry had a daughter, it was only through my genealogy work I knew the name of his wife.  Lynda and I have since been exchanging information.  She was waiting to receive documentation about the disposition of the second trial.  She shared this information,  in 1921 Henry was granted a new trial, and the jury was in disagreement. It was then decided too much money had been spent already, therefore the case was dismissed.

Lynda was able to add information about Evelyn, Henry’s wife, and her mother, Helen.  Evelyn remarried, after divorcing Henry in 1927, he disappeared about 1922.  My question is,  did he know he was going to be a father before he disappeared?   It is not known if Helen is still living.  When Lynda was about two she was adopted by her grandmother, Evelyn.  Henry’s mother did know about the children, but never shared this with other members of the family.

After making contact with Lynda, I then shared this information with my brother and sister, and a cousin, Carl.   When I called Carl, he asked where is she living.  When I told him, he said “I am in Las Vegas right now.”  He called Lynda and they had an opportunity to visit that evening, getting to know each other, and share information.  Both have said it was an enjoyable time.

I am planning a trip in January and Las Vegas is on our list, with plans  to stop and visit with her.  Looking forward to seeing her in person.

You never know when or where you may find new information about your family.  Very glad to learn a little more about Henry and his family, and for the addition to my family.

Kenneth’s 75 Surprise Party
July 2, 2013, 4:12 pm
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Kenneth’s 75th Birthday

Invitation to Kenneth's 75

Invitation to Kenneth’s 75

Several months prior to April, Melba and I were invited to a surprise party for Kenneth.  He was going to be 75 years old on April 21.  His daughters, Step and Shay, helped Billie plan this party. Plans were made for Melba and me to fly out to Portland, but how were we going to stay out of sight from Friday evening until Sunday noon.  Coming to our rescue was a cousin (not a first) who lived in the area. I had been in contact with her through Facebook, she had mentioned several times she wanted to get in touch with Kenneth.


Tom and Willorene

Willorene and her husband, Tom were gracious, letting us stay with them, then they took us to party where they met Kenneth and his family.

Melba’s daughter, Creta drove us to Burlington, Colorado, where another daughter, Caylia and her husband Frank, picked us up, driving us to the airport.  Tom and Willorene were there at Portland to pick us up.

Saturday we enjoyed visiting with Tom and Willorene, catching up on family and talking genealogy.


Here’s my pitch!

That afternoon, their grandson was playing ball, so we went to the park and watched a combination pitcher, coach pitch game for these young boys.

It gave Melba and me  an opportunity to meet Willorene’s daughters, a son-in-law, a granddaughter and 2 grandsons.

Sunday we drove from Beaverton, WA to Church of the Good Shepherd Church in Vancouver, Washington. Since it was a surprise we had to stay out of sight until party time.  When Ken’s family arrived at the church, they were surprised because the partition that divided the sanctuary from the fellowship area (where the party was to take place) was open.  Kenneth was the lay reader for the service, so he could see into the area.  So some of the decorations didn’t get put up until after the morning service was over.  There was a crowd, friends and family other than his church family,  in the choir room awaiting the service to be over, so they could gather in the fellowship hall.  Tom and Willorene gathered with as we greeted, Shannon, and Syrus, Steve, and other friends.

Of course, Kenneth was oblivious to any thing going on.  He hadn’t put together why Billie had so many phone calls from the “Altar Guild”.  (She had only recently gotten her own cell phone.) He didn’t have to count money after services and was ready to head out for dinner with Billie for his birthday.  Interruptions kept coming up,  as they were ready to leave, Billie remembered she need to get something from the hall.  They called out surprise, and Kenneth told us, there was this person who looked like his daughter from Texas, but she had called that morning to wish him “Happy Birthday”, she came up and gave him a hug.


This is my daughter from Texas.
How did she get here?

Then he turned around and thought that looks like my son from Texas, he was just here a few days ago.  It took a couple minutes to register that Step and Shannon were there to surprise him.  Also there were,  his daughter, Shay and grandson, Syrus, they live in the area.   Also, sons-in-law Jon Gower and Steve Alexander were attending.

Melba and I waited in the choir room until after they were able to get fellowship hall ready, and surprise Kenneth.  After we heard the call “Surprise”, I waited a couple of minutes to call Kenneth on his cell.


Dad, I think your phone is ringing.

He couldn’t  get it out in time to answer, but since it was his sister, he called back,  knowing she was calling to wish him “Happy Birthday”. He called me back, and then  proceeded to try to get me off the phone.

I wished him “Happy Birthday”, then tried to ask him “What would like for your birthday?  How about your sisters?” I repeated it about 3 times as we walked into the hall.


In disbelief – My sisters from Kansas are here

Finally he was turned around and his chin hit the floor as he realized  his sisters were there.  (Later, Kenneth told us, he had been totally surprised to see his daughter, from Texas, and his son, also from Texas).  He was speechless.

Family, friends, church family, and co-workers had gathered to help him with this celebration.  A light lunch along with cake was served.  After most of the people had been served, a video of photos of Kenneth and his family over the 75 years was shared.

Shannon and Step honor Dad

Shannon and Step honor Dad

Before the video, Step and Shannon each had to say a few words.

Shay let them do it. Before you knew, it was time to wrap up and head home.

Syrus, Shay and Shannon

Syrus, Shay and Shannon

Now I'm comfortable.  As he opens cards and gifts, he has stories to tell.

Now I’m comfortable. As he opens cards and gifts, he has stories to tell.

At home, the first thing Ken did was to get out of his suit and get comfortable.  We visited, and he opened his presents, and cards.  Melba and I remained to spend a couple of days before we returned home.   He was completely surprised and it lasted for a couple of days. Had a good time visiting with the family that came back to the house.

Our trip home was another experience.  We had a delay because Denver had snow, then because of snow, we spent the night with Caylia and Frank, got to see their children and grandchildren.



The Voss Family


Shay, Shannon, Billie, Kenneth, Stepanie
on April 21, 2013

The Voss Clan


Alex and Shay, Shannon, Billie & Kenneth Stepanie and Jon

Kenneth and Sisters


Melba, Kenneth and Karen

Family attending:

Children : Step and Jon, Shannon, Shay and Steve    Sisters: Melba and Karen       Grandson: Syrus    Cousins: Willorene and Tom     Billie’s Family:  Sisters: Kathy and husband, Jerry , Charlene   Nieces: Vonnie, Shelley and her husband, Bob

Unable to attend: Daughter-in-law -Debbie, Grandson – Devin and Granddaughter – Dani

Family Reunions
June 10, 2013, 8:55 am
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I have not followed through on my plans for 2013.  At this point I need to regroup and start again.

Over the last month I have traveled and been involved in a number of family reunions with one more to go.  So far I have been to a surprise birthday party, a family gathering on Memorial Weekend, and then a Family Reunion in Henderson, Ark. with the Langston Reunion coming up in Wild Cherry, and meeting other family members in Calico Rock.

After I get back, I will try to recap each of these as they each include different branches of the family.

Pictures to be included.

Now I have a list of pictures to find, and others projects for relatives I met over the weekend.

You must remember that attending these activities were the Voss family, Kenneth, his wife, Billie, Melba and myself.  Meeting with Voss family, DeWitt family, Dipman family and I will be attending the Langston Family reunion coming up.


New Information on Voss Side
February 2, 2012, 3:33 pm
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Today I received a packet of information about my Great Grandfather William Voss and his wife Marie (Mary) Flagel.  I had been contacted to see if I was still interested in a Voss-Flagel connection.  Of course, I was.  It has only been in the past 3 years that I had found the name of my Great-Grandfather Voss, I knew his wife’s name, but not his first name. Now I have William’s parents, and Marie’s father, so may be someday I will find another generation.


The information that was shared confirmed the story of my Grandfather and his brother coming over to the United States with his mother and a stepfather, which is all I knew.

I had come to the conclusion that William had died about 1868, this has been confirmed, and it also includes the birth, baptism and marriage records for William and the children.

What I received today, I am savoring as I look over the information, that takes me back another generation for my father’s side of the tree.  I do ‘love’ the fact that they don’t have just a first and middle name, but about 5 names which adds to the confusion.

I am so grateful to Art for sharing this information, and will be working on updating my information.  Of course I am sharing the descendents of Charles Martin Voss with him.

You just never know when a new piece of information will show up.




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