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April 15, 2011, 7:16 pm
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Today has been a good day to stay in and work on genealogy.  The temperature is about 37° with about a 22°wind chill.  It was rainy this morning, now it is just winds, very gusty and cloudy. Are they going to have ball games this afternoon? The message just came through, no games.  It will be better another day.

But back to genealogy.  It seems you can look and look and look and nothing comes up.  Then sometimes everything you look at adds to your information.  I have received 2 death notices from the Buffalo, NY area that has helped out with my Weisleder family tree.  Then today I received the obituary from the Springfield Daily News for Lilly Van Gundy.  It gave the married name of her daughter, and named her stepson.  Not a lot of information but it confirmed that she had married John Van Gundy and when he died. Lilly was the only daughter of Sophia (Weisleder) and Frederick Hale.  I am waiting on another Death Notice to arrive and also for the SS application for my father.  Hope they come soon.

I have also been working on a sourced document for the descendents of William and Eva Weisleder.  I have one printed (its never complete)  for William and Eva (Hagen) Weisleder, my maternal great-grandparents and have just completed the document for the family of their eldest daughter Sophia (Weisleder) Hale.  She married Frederick Hale.  They had 7 children, this includes a set of triplets, although 2 died,  and I have tried to follow each family as far as I can.  I have some , I think I have found some family links but not absolutely sure.  But what I have is documented, and I know what documents I have for the families.  I only have the next 6 children to do, with the 7th being my grandparents, I wanted to get several under my belt, to have an idea what I was doing, before I started on my grandparents, because I know that one will take me in a lot of directions, as they had 10 children, and of course, it will follow all of my nieces and nephews and their families.

On Ancestry, you can check to see about Recent Connect Activity.  I found a couple of people checking for people that are a part of my family tree.  That started me on another track for my husband’s family.  I was finding information that matched up to mine.

So I must say this has been a good day for finding information, in addition to being a good day to stay in side.

Names: Included in the document I have so far.  Weisleder, Hagan, Hale, Hasenpflug, Fitzpatrick, Burkhard, Kimling, Van Gundy, and Landry.

Hale Triplets
January 27, 2011, 4:06 pm
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I had gone to Family Search to find some information about the Hale Family.  Frederick Hehl (Hale) married Christine Sophia Weisleder.  Sophia would be my grandmother’s sister.  I found a death certificate for a Hale, the child of Fred and Sophia Hale.  But as I looked at the date, I thought something’s not right here,  that date sounds familiar.  So checked on the children and sure enough there was a child born 2 days prior.  So further searching came up with a listing for birth records in Monore, Monroe, Michigan and it listed Walter, Warren and Hale, triplets born to Fred and Sophia Hale on 22 Aug 1891 and 24 Aug 1891.  The 3rd baby was stillborn, and no gender was given.  Now I have a Walter listed for the family born on 22 Aug 1891, but what about Warren.  I then found a death record for a Walter on Mar 22 1892, age 7 months.

Then there is another record for a Walter and Warren Hale, twins born 22 Aug 1892.  I believe that they were recorded twice, and because one of them died, they were listed as twins not triplets,  therefore the 3 baby was not included on the second listing.  Now if they were born in 1892, that was after the second baby died. Did she have triplets and then twins, but for them to be born on the same date 1 year apart, seems  questionable?

I do not find any other records for a Warren Hale, but the 1900 Census for Frederick and Sophia has a Walter George listed.  Is it Warren that died and the name Walter put on the death record, or did Warren survive and was called Walter?




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