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William & Eva (Hagen) Weisleder

The Weisleders

William and Eva Weisleder

1820 – 1903

1833 – 1919

William Weisleder was born in Sax e Weimer of Germany, 26 Sep 1820. In 1852, about the age of 32 he sailed from Hamburg, Germany for the United States.  It is not known where he landed and lived from 1852-1855. In 1855 he moved to Michigan, according to the Declaration of Intent for Citizenship, he signed on 24 April 18601.  A letter with memories recorded by a granddaughter, tells that William and Eva Hagen met on the ship coming over to the United States.  It also states that William came over with Charlie.2Is Charlie a brother, uncle, or cousin?  If that is a fact, they could have been married between 1852 and 1854.  Eva Marguertha (Margaret) Hagen was also born in Germany 14 Apr 1833; she would have been about 19 when she traveled to the United States.3 Did she travel with her parents or other family members?

By 1855, William and Eva had moved to Monroe County, Michigan.  Their family was born there. This assumption comes from the Declaration of Intent4, and the death record5 for the oldest daughter, Sophia, stating she was born in 1855. Also various Census records indicating the children were all born in Michigan.

Daughter: Christine Sophia 18 Apr 1855 (death record)6
Son: William Abt 1858 (1860 Census)7
Son: George Leonard 14 Jun 1860 (1870 Census)8
Daughter: Johanna “Jennie” Jun 1863 (1870 Census)9
Son: Charles Jun 1867 (1870 Census)10
Daughter: Mary C Jun 1868 (1870 Census)11
Daughter: Christiana 26 May 1872 (birth record)12
Son: George Herman 29 Nov 1874 (birth record)13

In addition, they lost a son Lebernick, he died 6 Mar 1871, at the age of 3 mo, 5 days of consumption.14

William is listed on census records and in city directories as a shoemaker.  A note from their granddaughter, William also taught music.  It also names one of the daughters as playing the organ by ear15.  In 1860 & 1870 the family is living in Ida, Monroe, Michigan. In 188016 they are living in Monroe, Monroe, Michigan.  Sometime between 1880 and 1892 they moved from Michigan to Buffalo, New York. William, Eva, Herman and Jennie are listed on the 1892 New York Census17. The family is not listed in Buffalo in the 1900 Census, the address for William Weisleder was located on the census and another family was listed at that address. The address used in the search is listed in the Buffalo City Directories from 1895-1901.

William Wiesleder was listed (there are a number of variations for Weisleder) in Buffalo City directories from 1887 – 1902.  Eva was not listed until 1904 as the widow of William. The directories appear to only name the workers, or widows. Wilhelm and his family lived at various address during these years.  In 1887 Wilhelm, Charles and Mary lived at 233 Adams, 1889-1890 they lived at 393 Jefferson, and in 1891 Wilhelm had moved to 101 Jefferson, with daughter Jennie.  During 1893-1894 they are at 370 Emslie. Then from 1895 until his death in 1903, the Weisleder home was 272 Watson.  These addresses were all in Buffalo, New York. These addresses are from census records and the Buffalo City Directories.

They lost son, William at age 23 to consumption on 28 Jul 188018.  It is possible he had been working in Wyandotte, Wayne, Michigan at the shipyards and returned home when he became ill.  There is a William Weisledder listed as a boarder on the 1880 Census for Wyandotte, Michigan. The census is dated 12 Jun 1880 and William died in July19.

During the years they saw their children marry and were blessed with a number of grandchildren.

Sophia married Frederick Hale (Hehl) on 22 Feb 1876, in Ida, Michigan20.  On the 1880 Census21 the Hale family was living in Monroe, Michigan, with children, Frank and Charlie. By 1900 the family had moved to Toledo, Ohio.  The following children are listed on the 1900 Census22  with Clarence E, Lillie M, and Walter F.  Son-in-law Frederick Hale died in 191823 and grandson, Frank died in 190824.

George Leonard married Florence Noetzel in LaCrosse, Wisconsin 12 Apr 188825.  They headed west and were in Great Falls, Montana in 190026, with 2 sons Leonard Carl and Kenneth B.  Leonard C was born in Butte, Montana, and Kenneth B, is thought to also be born in Butte, Montana.  The family was living in Southview Lake, Oregon, in 191027with a third son, Melford.  George’s wife Florence died and was buried in Portland, Oregon in 191828.

Johanna “Jennie” was a working girl.  There is a Jennie Weisleder, aged 17, working for the household of George W. Johnson listed on the 1880 Census29, they live in Detroit Michigan. Is this the daughter of William and Eva?  In 1886 there is a Jennie Weisleder listed in the Buffalo City Directory30.  She is also listed with Charles and Wilhelm Weisleder in the Directories, from 1887-1893.  In abt. 189531 she married Christian Momberger, they have two sons, one, name unknown, and Oscar.  It is suggested that the one son died of whooping cough as an infant32.  Johanna was also the stepmother of Christian’s daughters. Christian died about 1902/1903. Johanna is listed as his widow in the 1903 Buffalo City Directory33.

Charles C married Matilda abt 189934.  They had the following children: Florence, Olive, and Cora, who are on the 1900 Census35.  The family includes Charles B and Howard I on the 1905 New York Census36It is possible Florence died before 1905, as she is not included on the 1905 Census, she would have been about 14, a little early to be married. They lived in the Buffalo, New York area.

Mary C. married Louis Roedel 22 May 188837. All of the children are listed on the 1900 Census38 for Buffalo, Erie, New York. They are Ella, Henry and Edna.

Christiana married Charles Voss on 18 May 189239 in Monroe, Michigan.  On the 1900 Census40 the family was living in Monroe, Monroe, Michigan with the following children: Herman, Memie (Irene), and Henry. Born after 1900 on the 1910 Census41 are George, Rudolf, Louis, and Charles, the family now lived in Lower Belt, Cascade, Montana. The 1920 Census42 adds the last two children of Charles and Christiana, Agnes and Edith. They were living in Upper Highwood, Chouteau, Montana. In 1900 Christiana had twins; Henry and Hilda Marie43, Hilda only survived 16 days44.

George Herman married Martha, abt 190545, according to the 1905 New York Census. Daughter Lois was born about 190946, and son Kenneth in 191147. Martha is not listed on the 1920 Census48It is assumed that she died sometime after Kenneth’s birth in 1911.

It seems that William49 and son-in-law, Christian Momberger died with in a short time of each other, during the year of 1903.  On the 1910 Census50 Eva is living with Johanna and they are both listed as widows.  According to the Eva’s death notice Johanna died shortly before Eva51.

Eva (Hagen) Weisleder died 14 Oct. 191952. According to her granddaughter Eva’s mother was Rosalia.53

When you are working with a family that you only know by their names, you sometimes wonder, what do I know.  William and Eva came from Germany, met and married and raised their family in the United States. They lived spent the early days in Monroe Co, Michigan.  Then sometime in the mid-late 1880’s they moved to Buffalo, New York, living there the remainder of their lives.   A number of their children also remained in the Buffalo area.  Their son, George Leonard and daughter Christiana moved across the United States and settled in the Montana area.  Over the past several years I have been gathering information on the descendants of William and Eva.

 As with any genealogy project, it takes time and patience to follow all the clues about the family.  You never know what bit of information will make a change this genealogy by adding or subtracting what is known. This information has been compiled by the great-granddaughter of William and Eva (Hagen) Weisleder.  Jan 2010.

Karen (Voss) Grossman,

great-granddaughter of William & Eva (Hagen) Weisleder,

granddaughter of  Charles Martin & Chrisitiana (Weisleder) Voss,

daughter of Rudolf Karl & Inez Vernie (Sanders) Voss.

Family Portrait

Front: Eva and William Weisleder, Sophia Hale

Back: Matilda and Charles Weisleder, Mary and Louis Roedel, Jennie and Christ Momberger.

According to the caption this picture was taken in August 1897, in Buffalo, New York. This photo was printed in the Buffalo Courier-Express on August 18, 1968. The photo belonged to Ella Roedel Kaiser of Olcott Beach54.  The caption gave the elder Weisleder as George, the father’s name is William.

Their daughter Christiana was in Michigan, son George was in Great Falls, Montana, and the location of Herman is unknown.

This newspaper article was sent to me by Irene (granddaughter of the Weisleders), it was included with letters about the family, in 197554.

The family had several spellings for their name: Weisleder, Wesleder, Weissleder, are just a few of the possibilities.

I do have an endnote page for this article.  As with any genealogical study, it takes time and patience to follow all of the clues about the family.  You never know what bit of information will help you add or subtract information.  To the best of my knowledge at this time, this is the information I have for WILLIAM & EVA (HAGEN) WEISLEDER.  As with any genealogy, new information my come to light, and when checking dates and times some things just don’t match. As additional information is added or considered this genealogy could change.

30 Jun 2011


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Hi –
Thanks so much for posting this! My paternal grandmother is Lois Weisleder Campbell, daughter of George Herman and Martha (LIchtenberger) Weisleder. She died in February 1973 when I was only 8 months old. I know that her mother Martha died when she was just a little girl in 1915. I have an old book of my grandmother’s filled with all kinds of birthdays, anniversaries, and death dates – if there was something specific you were looking for, I would be thrilled to help. The news clipping you have included looks very familiar – so I am thinking my parents might have some old clippings hidden somewhere!

Thanks again for all of your hard work – it was fun to read!

Aimee (Campbell) McGrath

Comment by Aimee Campbell McGrath

Hello, thank you for sharing this. William is my great great grandfather, through his son Charles and his son Howard. I have been unable to find much about Eva or about William’s ancestors and this was very helpful!

Comment by L. Weissleader

Would like to get in contact with you? My email is listed on the blog. Sorry about taking so long, have been traveling this past month, still have a week before I get home.

Comment by Liblady495

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