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Sophia (Weisleder) and Frederick Hale

   Sophia WEISLEDER                                               Frederick HALE

       1855- 1928                              Married                        1853 – 1918

22 Feb 1876

Christine1 Sophia WEISLEDER was born 15 Apr 18552 the oldest daughter of Eva (Hagen) and William WEISLEDER.  She is listed with the family on the 18603 and 18704 Census records.

Frederick HALE was born in Germany, 5 Aug 18535, and arrived in the US in 18586.  The 1870 Census has 2 Frederick HALEs in Monroe County, Michigan.  According to Fred’s death certificate his father was John HALE.  There is a John and Mary HALE with Frederick age 18, a brother William age 9, a total of 8 children, with a set of twins, a daughter,  Mariah was listed as deaf & dumb, all of the children were born in Michigan. The other Frederick HALE is 17 years old. The other was a farm hand for a farmer in the area. The 1870 Census7 with John and Mary and brother William, is most closely related to the Frederick HALE who married Sophia WEISLEDER.

On 22 Feb 1876 Frederick Karl HEHL [HALE], age 24 and Christine Sophia WEISLEDER , age 21 were married.  He was born in Germany and she was born in Ida, Monroe, Michigan.8   He was living in Monroe, his occupation was a farmer and she was living in Ida Michigan. They were married in Ida, Monroe, Michigan, by Charles Hoyer, Minister, witnessed by Frederick Gartner & Michael Schump both of Ida, Michigan.The record is difficult to read.  HEHL or (HALE), MIPLEDA (Wiesleder).  I believe the Mipleda has been misread.

Frederick HALE and wife, Sophia are listed on the 1880 census9, living in Monroe, Monroe, Michigan.  Two sons, Frank, aged 2 and Charlie, aged 9m, are listed along with Mary WIRELESTER(WEISLEDER), sister-in-law, and William HALE, brother of Frederick.  Frederick is listed as a day laborer, Frederick is an immigrant from Germany and his parents are both from Germany, but brother, William is listed as being born in Michigan. For some reason, Mary appears to be listed with Fred and Sophia, and also with her parents on the 1880 Census.10

They had 7 children:

Son                         Frank John W                        12 Aug 187711

Son                         Charles Fred                        9 Sep 187912

Son                         William Clarence E            7 Aug 188413

Daughter            Lillian M                        29 Jun 188814

Son                         Walter George            22 Aug 189115

Son                        Warren                        22 Aug 189116            22 Mar 189217

Still born baby            24 Aug 189118            24 Aug 189119


Lily HALE, daughter of Fred and Sophia HALE was born 29 Jun 1888 according to Michigan Births, 1867-190220 at Monroe County, Michigan.  The birth record lists Fred as a papermaker. There were several paper mills in the area. At this point none of the older children have been located in these Birth Records, although all are listed on Census records as being born in Michigan, and the family appears to be living in Monroe County, Michigan, and the records cover the years of their birth.

The birth records for Sophia and Fred show them to be the parents of triplets born in Aug 189121.  Only one of the children survived past infancy.  One was stillborn22, and the other died at age 7 months.23   The death record lists the death as a Walter, but Walter is the child that appears in other records, and there is no other record for Warren.

(It would appear to me that the name on the death record was incorrectly listed and Warren is the infant that died. The 3rd baby is born 2 days later.  It is not impossible for multiple births to have different birth dates but not the norm, was the delay due to the child dying in the womb. In addition there is a second record24, listing twins, the dates are the same, but one year later.  It is very questionable that there would be triples and twins born exactly 1 year apart, with the same name. Are there any newspaper records of the birth? )

It appears that sometime between 1891 and 1896, the family moved from Monroe, Monroe, Michigan to Toledo, Ohio. Information for this comes from the Toledo City Directory in 189625 and 189726, with Frederick C HALE living at 1161 Gordon, also listed are Charles F and Frank J W boarding at 1161 Gordon.  In the 189827, and 189928 Toledo City Directories the same names are listed, but living at 934 Curtis.

(Why did the family move to the city?  Sophia’s family had moved to Buffalo, NY, why did Fred take his family to Toledo?)

Their son, Charles and Rose FITZPATRICK were married 20 Apr 189829, in Lucas, Ohio.  A son, Harrald Fred was born in 1898,30 it would appear he died before 1900, and Clifford Geo. Clarence was born in 190031.

Forty-six year old Frederick and Sophia, 45, are listed on the 1900 Census32 living in Toledo, Lucas, Ohio at 934 Curtis, this address agrees with the Toledo City Directories. They have been married 24 years, the following children are living with them: Frank J, Clarence, Lillian M, and Walter, all have Michigan listed as their place of birth.  Frank was born Aug 1877, Clarence, Aug 1884, Lillie, Jan 1888, and Walter, Aug 1890.  Frederick is listed as a Stationary Engineer, Frank is an engineer, and Clarence is a cash boy.  Sophia has had 7 children of which 5 are living.  Fred and Sophia had triplets in August of 1891.  One was stillborn, and one died at the age of 7 months.  The remaining son is Walter. This would account for the 2 children not living.

A stationary engineer, also called operating engineer or power engineer, is a tradesman who operates heavy machinery and equipment that provide heat, light, climate control and power. 33  Wikipedia contributors. “Stationary engineer.” Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia. Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia, 4 Sep. 2010. Web. 6 Sep. 2010.

In 1901, son, Frank married Caroline HASENPFLUG 24 Sep 190134, Frank & Caroline had a daughter, Mildred, born in abt 190435.  Frank died 11 Oct 190836.   Another son, William Clarence and Martha BURKHARD were married 11 Oct 1906,37 their son Robert was born in 1910.38 Daughter, Lillian married Anthony KIMLING in 190639, they had a daughter, Irene Louis was born in 1909 and died a few months later.40

From the 1910 Census, 41 Fred C and Sophia HALE are still living at 934 Curtis, the same address as 1900. Only 18 year old, Walter is still living at home. Fred is an engineer for a Furniture Store.  This census gives 7 children and only 4 are still living.  They own their home at 934 Curtis. A Charles HALE is living at 970 Curtis, Toledo, Lucas, Ohio. , he was born in Michigan, which would match with the family. Their son, Frank died before 1910.

Lily and Anthony have another daughter, Agnes Mary in 191342. Before 1916 Lily and Anthony have divorced.43 Lily marries John VANGUNDY in 1916.44  It appears that Walter HALE and Jennie LANDRY were married just a few days before his father died.  They were married 23Apr 1918.45

(Where is Agnes Mary from 1913-1930 She is not listed with Lily on the 1920 Census, was it an oversight, or is she with her father, although census records do not indicated that.)

Frederick C. HALE died 26 Apr 1918, from a cerebral hemorrhage. The death certificate46 gives his age as 64 years; it lists John HALE from Germany, as his father, and the information about his mother is unknown. His occupation is listed as engineer stationary. He is to be buried at Forest Cemetery.  The person giving the information is Mrs. HALE but she is living at 970 Curtis, not 934 Curtis. This appears to be his daughter-in-law, who signed the death certificate.

Walter G. HALE was married to Jennie I LANDRY, 22 Apr 1918.47 Their son, Walter is listed as age 10 on the 1930 Census48 Walter and Jennie were living with her parents, Cyril and Margaret LANDRY in 192049, there is no son listed.

(The enumeration dates would indicate, son, Walter would be born between 16 Jan  and 15 Apr of 1910.)

Sophia is listed as a widow in the 1920 Census50; she is living with her daughter, Lillian, who is married to John VANGUNDY.  They are living at 934 Curtis, Toledo, Ohio. Since they are still living at 934 Curtis, it can be assumed that John and Lillian had moved in with Sophia after Fred’s death or after their marriage.

(Was it to help take care of Sophia, because of her diabetes? Was Lily living there before her marriage?)

Walter and Jennie had daughters, Margarete in abt 1926, and Dorothy in abt 1928; the 1930 Census51 is dated 12 Apr 1930.  (This would indicate that Dorothy was born shortly before Sophia died in May.) 

Sophia died 9 May 1928; her death certificate attributed the cause of death to diabetic gangrene.  She was buried in the Forest Cemetery on 12 May 1928.  Sophia’s death certificate52  was signed by Mrs. Chas F. HALE, who lived at 970 Curtis St.  Which seems to be the same person who signed Fred’s certificate 10 years earlier.

Irene’s information about Sophia: “Aunt Sophie had 6 children all dead except cousin Lillie and she is well up in her 80 and has one daughter, I can not remember her name.”  This was in 1975.53


Summary of the life of Fred and Sophia HALE

Sophia and Fred bother lived in and were married in Monroe County, Michigan, and later moved to Toledo, Ohio. Their children were all born in Michigan, and Frank, Charles, William, Lily and Walter all moved to Ohio with them, and continued to live in Ohio the remainder of their lives. Sophia gave birth to triplets, Walter is the only one to survive to adulthood.  All of their children married and gave them grandchildren.  Frank died in 1908.  Charles and his wife, Rose lived near Sophia and Fred.  Lillian married Anthony, bore 2 children, one died at birth. She divorced Anthony and then married John VANGUNDY, they were living with her mother in 1920.  Walter married Jennie and had 3 children by 1928.  When Fred died, he was survived by: Charles & Rose HALE, William & Martha HALE, Lily (HALE) & John VANGUNDY, and Walter & Jennie HALE, as well as daughter-in-law, Caroline HALE. Grandchildren: Mildred, Clifford, Robert HALE, and Agnes KIMLING. He was preceded in death by sons Warren, Frank, and grandchildren: Harrald HALE and Irene KIMLING.

When Sophia passed away in 1928, due to complications of diabetes, she was survived by her daughter-in-law Caroline HALE, sons Charles & Rose, William & Martha, Walter & Jennie and daughter Lillian & husband John VANGUNDY.  Grandchildren: Mildred HALE, Clifford HALE, Robert HALE, Agnes KIMLING, and Walter, Margaret, and Dorothy HALE.

She was preceded in death by her husband Fred, son Frank, and grandchildren, Harrald HALE and Irene KIMLING.

There are many questions yet to be answered about the HALE family.  There are several HALE/ HEHL families with a Frederick, in the Monroe, Michigan area.  This needs to be studied to be confirm we are following the correct Frederick HALE’s family in Michigan. 


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